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Tip: Adding Slide Numbers


I just saw a request from a customer regarding displaying slide numbers without having to manually create a caption which then has to be manually updated every time you insert/delete a slide. Adobe Captivate supports the insertion of SWF files and you can do all kinds of things using this functionality. One of our Community Experts, Paul Dewhurst, has a great site with such a SWF: frame number display. Paul, like most of our active Advisory Board members, has been with the product since RoboDemo days in 2002/2003. Don't miss the many other downloads and tips on his site RaisingAimee.

In addition to Paul's great site, check out some sites from our other board members for further tips and tricks:

Larry Walther       http://www.captivate-tips.com PS: Larry has used pedagogical agents in his content long before the snazzy SWF or FLV based characters were available - he used to use the Microsoft Agents. He is currently working on his site and has a character telling you that :)

Rick Stone             http://www.robowizard.com (check out his tips & tricks CHM)

Mark Fletcher             http://macrofireball.blogspot.com/

Kevin Siegel             http://iconlogic.blogs.com/weblog/

John Daigle             www.showmethedemo.com

Who am I missing? Please comment and I add your link. I don't have a blog roll or I would add all these links on the side bar ...