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Virtual Characters in Adobe Captivate projects


CodeBabyI first started taking pedagogical agents seriously when I read Ruth Clark's book e-Learning and the Science of Instruction several years ago. The preliminary research evidence listed in the book was quite compelling. The fact that the performance didn't differ between a real character and a cartoon character opens it up to the many different virtual character tools already on the market. CodeBaby has provided me with an example of their characters by converting the Adobe Captivate 2 sample project. Take a look. Each scene for each slide is simply exported as FLV and inserted in the Adobe Captivate slide. A similar solution is offered by VCom3D.

I am just updating this entry: Here is another cool implementation from Vincent Buecher at VB Consulting.

PS: You can also generate characters using Oddcast - there might be some limitations though using it with Adobe Captivate as is since it generates a set of SWF files for each scene.


Update 9/25: You might also try MediaSemantics - they have a knowledgebase article on integrating their characters with Adobe Captivate