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July 31, 2007

Lots of questions

We had our first Adobe Captivate 3 eseminar today and it was sold out. We had so many questions at the end that it was impossible to keep up for 2 people even though we kept answering for another 15 min after the session ended.

I tried to collect some of the questions and provide responses here (questions are in no particular order):

Questions regarding upgrading after recently purchasing Adobe Captivate 2
See Post-announce upgrade policy

How is version 3 different from 1 and 2?
Upgrade center has a list of features and (basic) comparison chart.

Can I upgrade from CP1 to CP3? From RoboDemo to CP3? What's the upgrade price? what's the full price?
Upgrade from Macromedia Captivate 1 or Adobe Captivate 2

Is the trial version available?
Download center
The trial will not override your CP2 version. Also, when you open CP2 slides in CP3, simply choose to save as new and create CP3 compatible copy of your CP2 project. CP3 is not backwards compatible.

508 Compliance
See Accessibility

Supported OSs, Flash player versions
See System Requirements - if your OS is not yet supported, please submit a feature request e.g. for Mac support. Vista is fully supported in CP3.

Where can I find training?
There are tutorials within CP3 on the start page. The Essentials book by Kevin Siegel will also be updated for CP3. Or check with one of our training partners.

Can I add period to autotext? Can I change the autotext? Can I add my own languages?
Yes - see dev center. In CP3, you also not limited to using Dutch or Portuguese - this is fixed now.

on text boxes, is it possible to let the user enter whatever text is appropriate for them during training, as opposed to entering whatever I entered during creation of simulation (e.g. logon screen: their name)?
Indirectly - you can use your own .swf files that can handle that. we currently don't support variables directly in CP but you can submit this as a feature request.

Can you use the files on ipods? Can I create a .fla? How do I track scores? Can I email scores? Can add track scores via my own database? How do I integrate with LMSs?
See Dev Center

How do I simulate right clicks?
See Dev Center

Can it now import PPT slide animations?

How can create an avi file?
Use Sothink Flash to Video converter and also submit a feature request :)

Can I make caption text dynamic with XML?
The XML export/import is specifically designed for localization. To make captions dynamic, you can work in Flash CS3 and simply use Adobe Captivate for your quick screen captures.

How do you stop recording?
Click CP icon in the system tray.

Does multimode recording mean you generate 3 .cp files?

How much is the upgrade for an educational license?
There is no edu upgrade since the full edu license is cheaper than an upgrade.

Can it support screen resolutions larger than 800x600?
yes - but keep file size in mind. I always use 820x540 - everyone can see it without scrolling and my file sizes are good.

Has menu builder changed?
This was an add on built a long time ago. We have focused on integrating drop down menus via the skin - I'd recommend using this feature instead since it's slick and we'll continue updating it.

Are the flash security browser warnings fixed?
Check the Flash Player site. We simply generate the HTML that has the swf embedded. We don't control the player or the browser.

Can you add hyperlinks to CP3?
yes - via click boxes or slide branching.

Can you copy/paste quiz question slides?
Yes :)

There are still hundreds more questions but I got the bulk here since many of them were very similar. Please forgive any spelling errors - I tried to crank through these quickly ...

July 30, 2007

Adobe Captivate 3 - Trial now available

The day you have been waiting for - our trial version is now available in the Adobe Downloads section. The trial has the full functionality and will run for 30 days.

Have fun trying out all the new features and if you want to see them in action first hand, sign up for an eseminar. There is one coming up tomorrow morning and I'll actually present :) That one is sold out but we have several more coming up soon.

FYI: We are very very close to start shipping as well so at this point it's not possible to purchase Adobe Captivate 2 anymore.

Note: Although the full product will run on Windows 2000, the trial is not available for that OS.

July 27, 2007

Education Leaders Institute 2007 & Feature Requests

The Education group at Adobe has invited me to speak at the summer institute where the Adobe Education Leaders are invited to meet, learn, mingle (and party - and they do it well!) My session was brief and I showed some examples including the podcast, a softskills simulation, and a quiz and also some of the new features. Several questions and feature requests were raised and I encourage you to submit your own requests. Adobe Captivate 3 is done and we are planning for version 4 - this is the perfect time to submit! Please include sample scenarios where/under what circumstance you would want a particular feature and why.

Among the many requests, I also heard avi output or a way to create DVDs so you can play content on TV. Is anyone doing this right now somehow with Adobe Captivate content and maybe another tool (e.g. convert using sothink's tools)?

I was also asked about game templates ... we do have a basic Jeopardy style game in the Adobe Exchange that was created by a user. Did anyone create another game with Adobe Captivate yet?

I'd love to see your examples ...

July 25, 2007

Need to buy Adobe Captivate 2 still?

Just heard that some users have trouble buying Adobe Captivate 2 - it's not available anymore directly through the online store for order but we have a phone number up on our online store page

Need to order previous version?
Please call 1-800-833-6687

It's a simple phone call to get version 2 shipped to you. Until you get your shipment, you can use the trial version.

Also, if you purchase Adobe Captivate 2 within a certain grace period after version 3 has been announced (after 7/23/07), you are entitled to receive an upgrade to version 3. There are rules and regulations around that you have to follow - best is to contact customer service once version 3 starts shipping.

July 23, 2007

Announcing Adobe Captivate 3!


Today we announced the new version of Adobe Captivate - and I am extremely excited! A lot of work and preparations went into this release and we had heard lots of great feedback from our beta testers about the new features. There are even already a first product reviews published: CRN and InformationWeek

The core new functionality revolves around efficiency with multi-mode recording and automatic rerecording (for web apps like SAP for example), effectiveness with randomized quizzes, shuffled answers and question pools, and engaging content with new rollover slidelets and PowerPoint import with animations!

Before I replicate our entire new website in my blog, I better provide you with some links ;)

I hope my blog is wide enough to display the little game our team created with the new version.

Have fun and enjoy Adobe Captivate 3

July 16, 2007

MERLOT - content repository for educators

We just published a new case study on MERLOT (Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching) that shows how many of our tools, including Adobe Captivate, are used to build/update/support this >great repository.

I found some nice German language learning pieces :)