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Creating a Single SWF with Adobe Captivate 3


Adobe Captivate 3 generates multiple output files. These files are all published into a single folder and typically contain the HTML file, the actual content SWF, the playback control SWF and possibly a JavaScript file and now some more with the new version. Here are some tips of what to do to generate a single SWF:

  • Uncheck "Show borders" in the skins dialog - this will include the playback controls directly in your main content SWF.
  • Do not include video files or full motion recordings (even when you do a drag/drop action during recording, a full motion file slide is generated) - for faster loading and reducing the file size of the main content SWF, these files are external SWF files now.
  • Using question pools creates additional external files - this allows randomization at runtime from the question pool. To create one file, keep questions in your main project.
  • Hotspot questions use external SWF files to display the area on the hotspot the learner clicked on.

There might be more - I'll keep updating this list.


Thanks for the tip Silke! I was attempting to insert a Captivate SWF into a Presenter file and was having some real problems using the "Skin" SWF that had the playback controls. This will really help!


Is it possible to export?

- a Flash Player projector for Windows and a Flash Player projector for Mac OS X (like I can do in Flash CS3 Professional)
- Does it has to display a "Made with Adobe Captivate 3" logo and animation. Is a "Made with Adobe Flash CS3" not enough?

I managed to generate content which works on Windows but there seems to be no way to output for Mac OS X? The option is there but it does not seem to work.

Any help is very much appreciated!


Filipe Pereira Martins and Anna Kobylinska
Soft1T Consulting

SF: Check out our Flash Player site regarding the projectors

You can choose to replace the loading animation with your own and you can also create your own playback controls.

I can understand why Adobe went with the multiple file output approach...but is there any way to bundle the video files as part of a single SWF? Right now, the only way I see it working is to export the project to Flash, import the videos, and jump through hoops between the ActionScript and the imported clips.

The reason I ask is that I use Presenter and use my own Flash preloader. I would prefer to deal with the least amount of file assets possible.


SF: I have forwarded this to our team ... seems a bit tricky w/ the FLV files. I would recommend to submit as a feature request. Unfortunately I don't know of a simple workaround.