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Dev Center for CP3 live and CP3 now shipping


Adobe Captivate 3 Developer Center LiveAdobe Captivate 3 is now shipping and our Developer Center is now live with 4 new articles:

  • Frank Nguyen, who is now at UCSD, describes how to implement the guidelines from Ruth Clark's white paper in Adobe Captivate.
  • Steve Howard, an Authorware pro, shares some great insights in CP3 as an eLearning authoring tool for Authorware users.
  • Mark Chrisman, who runs the Seattle CP user group, provides tips on inserting Flash animations.
  • My article is just an intro to Adobe Captivate 3 and the new features.

If you have any tips/tricks to share, please let us know - we are always looking for authors for our developer center.


Any shot you guys will develop Captivate for the Mac? We're seriously considering deploying Connect/Captivate and it would be a huge sell if it would eventually be available for the Mac.

SF: Please submit as a feature request at

Dev Center for CP3 live and CP3 now shipping.

What is CP3 Live? I've search high and low, but I've not found a thing on CP3 Live, Captivate 3 Live, or Captivate Live.

SF: Ooops - Guess I should have spelled it out. CP stands for Adobe Captivate and our developer center for the new version is live now. Hope it makes more sense :)