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New 'secret' features in Adobe Captivate 3


When releasing a new version, we typically focus on the big new features with the website or eseminars. Yet, there are a ton of other enhancements and changes that can make your authoring a lot easier. So here are a few of these 'secret' new features:

FTP settings in Adobe Captivate 3Multiple FTP options: In CP3, you can define multiple FTP options that are retained. You can have a test FTP server and a Live FTP server.

Export project preferences You can easily share your project settings with others or reuse with another project.

LMS Bookmarking will now work on non interactive slides. A project does not require to have an interactive object for bookmarking the progress. Typical scenario: a demonstration capture or an information type slide.

Sending results via Email Body or as attachment. You can choose to send their results in the email body or as attachment. The attachment can be open in notepad.

Question slide buttons can be customized in CP3. One can set them as image button or set any other button properties.

Adding a text animtion for typing textReplace typing object with editable Text Animation In CP3, we have a text animation with a typing effect so if you made a mistake during the capture, it's easy to fix without having to rerecord.

Autosize button Buttons now autosize to the text, so you don't have to manually drag the edges to size.

Adobe Captivate text entry box optionsRetain text option in Text Entry Box There is an option added in text entry box dialog which will allow you to retain the text or always start with blank/default when a user goes back in a simulation and returns to a slide with a text entry box.

FMR (Full Motion Recording) configuration files You can set preferences for full motion recording using the FMRConsts.ini file located in the Adobe Captivate installation folder. Search for FMRConsts in the online help.

Re-recording Script can be edited If you use the re-recording functionality (currently limited to capturing IE6), you change the step by step script. Search for re-recording script in the online help.

Text Caption Property File - I haven't even played with this one myself so I don't really have more info on it yet ...