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September 26, 2007

Tip: Opening a new window for a URL

If you have links to URLs in your Adobe Captivate project, you can easily set them up to open in a new window and even choose if the slide should continue playing after the click or not - simply click on the little triangle next to the URL.

September 25, 2007

Introducing: Technical Communication Suite



Today we announced the new Technical Communication SuiAdobe Technical Communication Suitete which consists of Adobe Captivate 3, Adobe FrameMaker 8, Acrobat 3D 8, and the new version of RoboHelp 7. This suite marks a significant milestone for creating, managing, and consuming technical and instructional content. I am very excited about this release and would love to hear from you if you already used RoboHelp or FrameMaker for instructional content in the past.

We have developed a special page to try to explain how learning professionals, who are not yet familiar with RoboHelp or FrameMaker, can benefit from the suite.

Just imagine, you can author your storyboard in FrameMaker with its WYSIWYG interface and structure so you can export the XML to easily reuse it. Or develop consistent and customized jobaids and learner manuals by simply pointing to existing reusable content pieces.

Or use RoboHelp to create a context sensitive performance support system or a searchable knowledge base of your Adobe Captivate demos and then benefit from the server functionality (available as add on and provides search and usage data) to determine skill gaps or potential content gaps.

Find out more in our free online seminars that give you a good intro to the new suite. If you are thinking about buying Adobe Captivate, I highly recommend going with the suite instead (and when you call sales or your reseller, ask about the upgrade plan - most people don't know about it and it saves you a lot of $$ over time).

PS: Educational pricing is also available for the suite

September 24, 2007

Adobe Captivate sessions at MAX 2007


Adobe MAX Conference

The Adobe MAX 2007 conference is coming up already next week. Here are all the Adobe Captivate related sessions:

  • Creating Flash Screencasts with Adobe Captivate: Main focus is on getting started and creating screencast.
  • Rapid Prototyping in Fireworks: Fireworks is a great web design prototyping tool - enhance prototyping with Adobe Captivate's ability to import images and create complex branches or add voice over to explain the design to a client.
  • E2E Solutions Operations: The session provides information about implementation roadmaps, available trainings and SAP Standards for End-to-End Solution Operations.
  • Using Adobe Connect within SAP Enterprise Learning (Adobe Captivate integrates into Connect) - not sure what will be shown but a range of products will be mentioned (Adobe Integrated Runtime, Captivate, Connect, Flash, Flash Lite, Flash Media Server, Flash Player, Flex, InDesign, InDesign Server, LiveCycle).

The MAX conference will also be held in Europe and Japan. It's a fantastic event and a great chance to connect with other developers and designers, Adobe engineers and managers of CS3 and other products, and to see sneak peeks of upcoming technologies.

PS: If you wish to meet Adobe Captivate developers, join us at the DevLearn conference and the Adobe Learning Summit.

September 14, 2007

Facilitated Social Network - Demo


Facilitated Social NetworkJust received an email from Elliott Masie's Learning Consortium with a neat Adobe Captivate demo that shows facilitated social networking. If you are planning to attend Learning 2007, I highly recommend you try out the networking tool by introNetworks. We had used it qite a bit at Macromedia conferences and it's a blast to find out who at the conference has similar interests or expertise. The introNetworks matches you with like minded attendees and allows you to contact other attendees about certain topics they are experts in. It's a fantastic networking opportunity I'll miss this year Network(we will have some presentations on Adobe tools and also Adobe Captivate).

Hope you have fun at Learning 2007.

September 12, 2007

New eLearning Resource: eLearningPulse.com


eLearningPulse.com - the daily source of all things eLearningIf you have always been looking for the one stop resource on eLearning related topics, "Your daily source for all things eLearning" is now available: www.eLearningPulse.com

B.J. Schone and Ben Edwards have developed a great site with free resources. You can find everything from eLearning news and forums to jobs.

September 11, 2007

Vote for the best of 2007 authoring tool

Elearning! Magazine is running its survey again for "best of 2007". Here is your chance to cast your vote for your favorite eLearning tools in many different categories.

It's really easy to vote - please submit before November 30, 2007.

September 7, 2007

Engaging Interactions for eLearning


Just found out through Tony Karrer's blog that B.J. Schone has published a free ebook with "25 ways to keep learners awake and intrigued."

You'll notice that you can develop most of these easily in Adobe Captivate. Imagine developing an Interactive Timeline using the slidelet functionality. The learner rolls the mouse over a timeframe and video and audio starts playing or an image of a newspaper scan shows up with audio narration. Or implement Order of Importance with the new sequencing quiz type. And you can of course create Branching stories or Story-based Adventures using the branching functionality.

The ebook is a nice summary of engaging interactions and the knowledge types they support as well as the level of interaction.

September 4, 2007

Adobe Summit at DevLearn 2007


The DevLearn conference Nov5-8 in San Jose is in full preparation and we are partnering with the eLearning Guild to offer a special Adobe Summit (Nov 8-9).

During DevLearn, I'll be presenting in two sessions: Research in Action: Evidence-based Guidelines in e-Learning with Ruth Clark and More than Rapid: Supporting User Created Content with Blogs, Podcasts, Vlogcasts, and More which is going to be a bit similar to what I have done last year. There will also be other sessions on Adobe Captivate e.g. Developing Uniformity in e-Learning with Adobe Captivate Templates and Captivate-to-Flash ActionScript Communication with workarounds on adding ActionScript to Adobe Captivate content. Just search for "captivate" in the concurrent session section.

I'll present during the Adobe eLearning Summit on CP3 and will show tips and tricks and some more samples our team has created. Probably the best session will be the closing session Stump the Adobe Experts where you have the chance to ask questions to product managers and engineers from different teams. We will have some people from our team in India there as well - it's going to be a great opportunity to provide your feedback directly to them.

Please also bring content samples - we love to see what you do with our tools. I look forward seeing you at the Reception Thursday night at the Adobe Headquarters!

You can register via the eLearning Guild website.