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Introducing: Technical Communication Suite



Today we announced the new Technical Communication SuiAdobe Technical Communication Suitete which consists of Adobe Captivate 3, Adobe FrameMaker 8, Acrobat 3D 8, and the new version of RoboHelp 7. This suite marks a significant milestone for creating, managing, and consuming technical and instructional content. I am very excited about this release and would love to hear from you if you already used RoboHelp or FrameMaker for instructional content in the past.

We have developed a special page to try to explain how learning professionals, who are not yet familiar with RoboHelp or FrameMaker, can benefit from the suite.

Just imagine, you can author your storyboard in FrameMaker with its WYSIWYG interface and structure so you can export the XML to easily reuse it. Or develop consistent and customized jobaids and learner manuals by simply pointing to existing reusable content pieces.

Or use RoboHelp to create a context sensitive performance support system or a searchable knowledge base of your Adobe Captivate demos and then benefit from the server functionality (available as add on and provides search and usage data) to determine skill gaps or potential content gaps.

Find out more in our free online seminars that give you a good intro to the new suite. If you are thinking about buying Adobe Captivate, I highly recommend going with the suite instead (and when you call sales or your reseller, ask about the upgrade plan - most people don't know about it and it saves you a lot of $$ over time).

PS: Educational pricing is also available for the suite


Bravo! Deeds speak louder than words. Making FrameMaker part of an Adobe suite is a clear signal from Adobe that it's not going to go away.

Two suggestions:

1. Adobe is great about creating online seminars. Unfortunately, a lot of us don't have schedules that let us log in at specific times and even "pull" (go get) events are yet another burdensome item in to-do lists. Why not create "push" events-- podcasts in categories that let us subscribe and auto-download when available like the marvelous "Adobe Creative Suite Podcast." We can watch on any computer or take them with us to play on the new video-enabled iPods.

2. Adobe should create a lowest-common denominator text exchange format (either tagged text or XML) that lets users move text with its meaning (i.e. level 1 headings and body text) between all the Adobe products that work with text.

SF: Thanks for your comment - it was quite tough to keep our mouths shut about this release during the last few months. It's amazing to finally have this suite :)
Please submit rss output as a feature request.

With FrameMaker, it is an awesome program for writing Thesis documents at universities. Sadly, the documentation for the program is so poor that very few can figure out how to set up a proper template. Any thoughts on setting up some tutorials?

I agree with Mike's comment that the e-seminars are often inconvenient for schedule. Can Adobe record them to let us play back at our own leisure? Would also make it easier for us to send links to others that have questions on how to do "stuff".

PS: Our seminars all get recorded and are available at
http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/event/index.cfm?event=list&type=ondemand_seminar&loc=en_us and I am also working with the FrameMaker pro Bernard Aschwanden, BrightPath Solutions, to provide a dev center article on creating templates.