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Buzzword - Adobe's new online word editor


BuzzwordAt MAX this week, we had announced that we signed an agreement to acquire Virtual Ubiquity, which publishes an online word processor called Buzzword. I signed up for the beta to take a look.

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It's still a bit rudimentary compared to desktop word processors, but for an online tool with built in collaboration features, it's really sweet.

Here is what I like about it:

  • It's Flash based - so pretty much everyone with a browser can access, view, edit, and print the content. No need to get special players or viewers.
  • UI - it's cool. I love how intuitive it is - menus slide in and out and tool tips for the entire toolbar show up.
  • Speed - it's extremely fast to work with it and save files.
  • Sharing - at any time, you can simply share a doc with someone else and when that person is viewing it, you can see it. Real time collaboration!
  • Commenting - fully built in and visible to the other person as soon as you save.

  • Import and export RTF and DOC files - so you can easily get started.
  • History - it's easy to go back to a previous version.
  • Lists - working with lists has probably never been easier: there is a skip paragraph option so you don't have to go through a 5 clicks to remove a bullet or number and include the paragraph in the list item.
  • PDF support is announced as the first step of integrating the tool into our offerings.

Features I'd like to see in the future:

  • I am so used to styles - definitely something I want to see in the future.
  • Color picker (Adobe Captivate has one and I use it all the time).
  • Ability to insert .swf files - you can already do that with PDF documents.
  • The history seems to go into the wrong direction ...? Usually any timeline goes from left to right ...

Overall it's a nifty new tool worth checking out in the Web 2.0 world.

PS: I am on the board of cfive which provides funding for the Innovative Video in Education (iVIE) awards. We are still working on updating the website. Amazing program - check it out.