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Video - how our customers use our tools

We just published a great video on our website how our customers use our tools all over the world: Enabling Engaging eLearning

Just hearing customers talk about Adobe Captivate makes my day!

We want to learn about your stories and see what you do with Adobe Captivate - please submit your success story. See you in our future videos :)


1. Can captivate courses track and run properly in an old version of Lotus Learning Space.

2. Can we use our own player within captivate - to enable multi language support, etc...

SF: If it supports SCORM 1.2, 2004 or AICC, I don't see a problem.
If your own player is SWF based, 2. should work.

Why it is that Adobe videos don't download like those of YouTube or SlideShare?
For example, I tried to view your 'Enabling Engaging eLearning' video but the reception was choppy as it needed to buffer every few seconds. So I let it load fully and then tried to see from the beginning. But instead of showing a continuous video stream, it again tried to buffer the same way!

SF: hmm - it worked fine on my machine so I am not sure why it's buffering so much. It should be streaming like the other videos on our site ... I am following up w/ the webteam.