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What's your favorite feature?

Adobe Captivate 3 has been available for a couple of months now and we'd like to know, which of the new features are the most important to you. Please vote below.


The silly poll solution seems to be Opera hostile, so I can't vote. But I think it'll be +1 for multimode recording, though I just upgraded today. It was the main reason for upgrading at least.

There are many good things but between all, these would be the best improvement in my opinion

I just don't get the value of "MultiMode Recording" - as it is extremely rare that Captivate is able to perfectly create captions, etc and usually for proprietary apps it isn't even close. Hence, I've gotten so fast at just doing manual recording and adding captions, interactions, etc after the fact that I have no need for these other modes. I would assume most people who have used Captivate for a decent length of time would be doing the same?

I can't believe Adobe has not figured out a way to easily include right-click functionality in Captivate yet. For goodness sakes, we are now on version THREE. Adobe owns Flash, it owns Captivate and right-clicking in case you haven't noticed is a huge part of almost any piece of software. These kind of critical fixes should be the focus.