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Wildfires in San Diego

It's been tough to concentrate on work today while several of my coworkers and friends had to be evacuated. I don't think anybody is currently at our SD office - the news advised to stay indoors due to the smoke. We live about 7 miles south of the current evacuation area so we are fine ... Thanks to those of you who had expressed concern.

Let's hope the fire can be contained. Air support is finally starting.

Live news on the fire is streaming online and a fireblog is keeping everyone up to date.


Feel sorry for you. I live in Northern California, we get a lot of fires here too.

Worse part for us is the smoke, it has a tendency to hang in the valley for days. A lot of people feel sick during the entire fire season due to the smoke.

SF: We are all ok - our office is closed and there is a lot of smoke and ashes in the air.

It is a pity what has been taking place on these sides where you live, we here of Brazil are very apprehensive but confident of what everything will finish very well.
There is no much what we do before our distances, but we are twisting here for what of everything certain one.
Our considerations and collaborations on what we will be able to help.

Best Regards