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Adobe Summit - Day 1

Keynote at Adobe eLearning SummitThe Adobe Summit today was kicked off by Ellen's keynote with Naresh Gupta , our SVP, calling in from India in the middle of the night on a holiday! It was a great start of a very special conference to us since it's the first eLearning Conference that Adobe is holding.

Ellen also showed a video of our customers talking about our tools - Watch the video.

The Adobe Captivate Tips & Tricks session was quite packed and I was lucky to have RJ Jacquez join us, the Technical Communication Suite and eLearning evangelist. I learned quite a bit from his part of the presentation. Not covered in the PPT is his tip on changing the standard.htm file (found in C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Captivate 3\Templates\Publish) which changes your published HTML file. I'll ask him to start a blog to explain it.
RoboHelp and FrameMaker are great tools for eLearning and several people were asking about the eseminars we offer - I recommend: Bring your Information to Life with 3D and AdobeĀ® CaptivateĀ® 3 in the new Technical Communication Suite! - it's free, it's live and RJ will be presenting.

Right now I am in the executive panel session on technology road maps and it looks like attendees are interested in Flash Lite output (mobile important for about 5-7 ppl), standards support, video (1/3rd in the room develop video and several people want to do more than 50% of their content as video), a YouTube Learning type site (I rather would personally see a service like Adobe Share to turn into that - Share has the benefit of supporting interactive content so I think it's a bit more practical than a pure video service), collaboration (important for all).

Heading off to our reception ...

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Great presentation yesterday!

I would love to get a copy of that slide showing the relationship between Adobe tools and the ADDIE model to share with my team. Where can I find that.

Oh yes- especially loved the "easter eggs" part of your talk.

SF: Tips&Tricks was fun. You can find the product slide by searching for "ADDIE" in my blog.


It was a great pleasure meeting you and the rest of the Adobe experts last week. I am a HUGE fan of Adobe products, especially Captivate, and I found the summit a terrific learning experience. Thank you very much!