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DevLearn 2007 - Day1

This was a long day ... but definitely a fun one. There are over 1,000 people here and everyone I met seems very excited and eager to learn and share.

As promised, here are some files and info from my sessions:

Breakfast Bite session: Is rapid eLearning getting a bad rep?
It was very refreshing to hear about the very successful rapid training stories where SMEs are involved. Thanks for all of you who attended this early in the morning and provided your insight in creating great eLearning using rapid tools. Here are some of your comments I jotted down:

  • Great and animated ILT SME freaked out when asked to create recording of his session "there is no audience, I can't record."
  • We fedex a laptop to the SME with all the rapid tools installed.
  • If the content is too technical, we accept a little less quality but gain efficiency and get the training done.
  • Bad audio often creates the perception the training is bad. It's easy and cheap to create a portable studio (using a hamper and acoustic foam). Shane - please send me the photo and I'll include in the blog!
  • We had great success with rapid tools. I call rapid tools "Expert Enablement Programs" - I love this ;)
  • We are spending 1:1 time w/ the SME. Some SMEs don't know PPT and can't get out of their comfort zone.

I had mentioned this white paper we have recently done with Jennifer De Vries- it provides some tips and ideas on working with SMEs. FYI: Usually white papers are posted on our Adobe eLearning site - we are adding this one soon.

Research in Action: Evidence-based Guidelines in e-Learning, a session by Ruth Clark and myself, was well attended. You can find her white paper directly on our website including some of the samples shown in today's session. I totally spaced in the session to thank Joe Ganci from Dazzletech who had provided a great conceptual simulation we showed. I'll blog when I can make it available online (see img on the right).

I also really enjoyed the keynote by Sir Ken Robinson - he is a very entertaining speaker and quite thought provoking. To get an idea, check this out (includes link to TED talk video). He definitely put things in perspective. Tony Karrer posted his notes.

With that - good night!


Were you able to get the pictures of how Shane sets up his audio? I'd love to see how he uses the hamper and foam. Maybe I could build one myself.