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DevLearn 2007 - Day 2

Right now I am presenting my session More then rapid where I show a multitude of rapid authoring tools including

At this point, I am showing how to blog with Contribute using my live Adobe blog. The demo includes inserting text by dragging a word document into your blog entry, inserting an image and inserting Flash files.

The conference will end with the Adobe Summit and we hope you can join us for that. Especially Thursday night: it’ll be fun with a beer and wine tasting reception. Find out more on our site – here is a demo how you get to the right page:

Here is a comment from Dave, one of the attendees:

"Silke is a wonderful instructor and this was a great session!"

Update after the session : I had planned a lot more tools in the session and unfortunately ran out of time. Thanks again Amy for playing with us with Visual Communicator and I am sorry that my system was a bit overloaded and slow. Here are the slides if anyone is interested in all the links. Heading to DemoFest now...


Hi, Silke. Great to meet you. Sorry the video thing didn't work out. :-)

SF: Thanks for trying :)