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Hotel Conflicts Conceptual Simulation


Scenario-based simulation created with Adobe CaptivateDuring the conference, I showed a new example I received: Hotel Conflicts. It's a conceptual simulation where you are faced with a realistic scenario and access to experts (great use of the new slidelet feature) - although, you may not always want to follow the suggestions of your coworker.

Flash Video pieces are well integrated so you can get a full experience - especially when the guest starts to get annoyed if you make the wrong choices. The body language tells you what's going on.

I have tried playing this inside a Connect meeting room and it works great.

Have fun playing.

This sample was developed by Joe Ganci from Dazzle Technologies Corp. Thanks Joe for providing it and allowing us to share with Adobe Captivate users :)


I have to say I really got a charge out of this training session. As a CXO and Six Sigma Master Black Belt with 23 years in the hospitality industry, this is the first time I have seen the "consult the manual" option.
I do not know if this was by design or not, but the way it is design implies that the manual's answer is on the same level as the manager and coworker. Brilliant… The front desk has the highest employee turnover in the hotel industry and if you walked up to any hotel front desk and asked a new employee, existing employee and the supervisor on duty the same questions, they would all three be different from the manual.
This interactive training session could be used as a textbook example of “learn what you need, when you need it” and has every aspect covered for the trainee to be successful the first time... every time.
I am working with a hotel current that needs to lower their reservations’ call abandonment % after hours when the calls are re-directed to the front desk. Your training session gave me the idea how I can collect data about existing practices vs. having to survey /observation the operation. Thank you, Diane

Can you point me towards designers who are experts in Adobe Captivate 3? I want to hire someone to do a project for me.