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Looking for case studies

We are looking for new case studies around Adobe Captivate to publish early next year. The last one we published was WebAssist - take a look so you get an idea what's involved. The work is really on our side and we write everything up after interviewing you.

If you have a success story you can share, please add a comment to my blog with a basic overview of:

- the problem you were faced with
- why you chose Adobe Captivate (and potentially other tools in combination with it)
- what the outcome was
- a link to your website
- your contact info
- the country you are in

I'll forward your comments to our PR team who will make a selection. I will not publish these comments unless you make a note that it's ok to share as part of the blog. Looking forward to hearing from you!

I often also refer to case studies in my presentations - might be your 15min of fame! :)
And as a result of a great case study, you might find yourself in a video like this one.

PS: Talking about your experiences with Adobe Captivate - Amazon has been updated and we also have our feature tour on YouTube. Just search for "Adobe Captivate" and rate or comment.


As a forensic video analyst, I often get requests to download cctv video from crime scenes. First, it was all VHS tape. Then, a few years ago, digital cctv started to emerge. Now, VHS has really gone away and I'm seeing 80% digital. Lately, criminals have been posting their videos on sites like YouTube, TMZ, and the like. Sometimes, CNN or one of the local networks will incorporate this in their web news broadcast. I have had Camtasia, but it hasn't worked well with some of the newer technologies. I bought Captivate 2 (and then upgraded to 3) for a training project. When I couldn't get a video off of a web site with all of my other tools, I tried Captivate 3. It worked the first time with no problems. It is now my primary tool for grabbing these types of videos friom the web. I recommend it in the classes that I teach as well.

Jim Hoerricks
Senior Forensic Video Analyst
Los Angeles Police Dept.
Los Angeles, CA USA


We currently have about 30 or so active Captivate 3 licenses in use and have purchased several others for future growth. I'm interested in being part of the Captivate 4 beta process. What do I need to do to get involved?


Jason Eden
eLearning Manager
VMware, Inc.

SF: Great! We'll open the beta a few months before the release and will choose testers based on a survey which I'll post on my blog.

Hi Silke,

Here's a question--is it possible to use Captivate to record Captivate? I'd like to make a screencast of the Captivate application to use for training at my institution--i.e., show the behind-the-scenes view of the setup and editing processes. But clicking on the Captivate application stops a recording session. It is possible to circumvent this in some way?

Karen Munro
UC Berkeley

SF: Hi Karen, you can use another instance of Captivate to record itself. The only thing you cannot record is an actual capture session - the screen recording can only run once on your computer, not two at a time - Captivate wouldn't know that it's supposed to record Captivate while it's also supposed to record something else. Once you have finished sample screen capture, you can use the second instance to record everything from editing to publishing.