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Need Adobe Captivate experts for hire

I have received a comment from a reader:

Can you point me towards designers who are experts in Adobe Captivate 3? I want to hire someone to do a project for me.

If you are an expert interested in project opportunities, please submit a comment with your complete contact info, a link to your website, and a link to an Adobe Captivate example.

I get questions like this all the time but have answers limited to the consultants or service providers I personally know. And I know there are a lot more experts out there :)


Good morning,

Some people think that companies around the world are turning to India for
programming and production support is to save money. But that's only one of
the reasons.

It's true that we can provide substantial savings on almost any
multi-media, Web, or CD project. But it's also true that we can provide
graphic design, programming and production that will match any that you
could find anywhere. And we take great pride in meeting both the budget and
the schedule.

We're MVS Softech Ltd (MVS). We are a growing organization that serves
clients in the United Kingdom, the United States, India, and a number of
other countries. We've produced a wide variety of multimedia
applications, including:

Computer Based Training (CBT)
Web Based Training (WBT)
Video Based Training (VBT)
Conversion of Instructional Document/Storyboard into Interactive Courseware
School/College Curriculum content into Interactive Online Learning Courseware
Learning Content Management System (LCMS) with SCORM/AICC
Interactive Educational/Flight/Medical/Industrial Simulations using Multimedia Tools
Web Application Development
Interactive Educational Games
Website Building

Our Skills Include:
Macromedia DirectorMx/Authorware - Advanced Lingo Scripting
Macromedia FlashMx - Action scripting & Animation
Macromedia DreamweaverMx
Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator
MS- Office Suite
Microsoft Technologies(HTML/DHTML/VB/ASP/VC++/.NET....)
Java Technologies...
PHP, JSP, Perl, SQL...

Please review the Captivate Sample from the below link:

1. Captivate:


Desc: Download the zip file from the above link to view the captivate demo..

Our usual Manhour rates are $10 USD per manhour or at an agreed rate per project.

I'm glad to give our client references in USA / UK - upon request.

Look forward to hear from you.

Best Regards,

MVS Softech Private Limited
Tel:+91-44-42640536 / 37
Mob:+91-98408 68984
Website: www.mvssoftech.com
Skype: mvssoftech


Please review the Captivate Sample from the below link:

1. Captivate:


Desc: Download the zip file from the above link to view the captivate demo.

Best regards,
MVS Softech Pvt ltd
Skype: mvssoftech

Hi, I have been using Captivate since the RoboDemo days. I currently use version 2, but will be upgrading soon. My specialty is simple, quick marketing demos, but I also do elearning (all of thst work is internal so I can't show it here). Here are a few public examples of my work for Sun Life Financial.


Thanks for sharing your requests, and for a great blog.

-- Charlie Deal
Boston, MA USA

Hi Silke - I work in education in Scotland, and have done a fair amount with Captivate. You can find my tutorials here at http://www.swict.com and I've also spent the last 12 months working with staff on creating and sharing curricular content for 5-11 year olds.
Andrew Brown

Silke, I have several contract editors with varying skill sets that I use, several of whom may have additional availability. I am not interested in acting as a third party in whatever dealings go on, but I can probably save your friend a lot of time in choosing the person with the right skills (and the right bill rate...)

Jason Eden
eLearning Project Lead
VMware, Inc.

I have many years of Captivate experience as well as Flash/Actionscript (2.0 and 3.0) experience. Examples of my work can be seen from my website.


Mark Siegrist

Dear Silke,

SmartPixels Learning Inc. is located in Richmond, BC Canada. We specialize in solutions for technical product training, customized corporate learning, and inventive new media.
We have been using RoboDemo/Captivate for several years. Next to Flash, Captivate is our application of choice for developing demos and simulations (especially now that Authorware is discontinued).
For descriptions and samples of selected Captivate projects, please see: http://www.smartpixels.com/portfolio/wbt_portfolio.htm


Michael Hinze
SmartPixels Learning Inc.

Hi Silke

webqem is located downunder in Sydney Australia. We undertake work around the globe. We are only a click away. We have a design and development team working in all the Adobe technologies such as Flash, Flex and ColdFusion. We also work with Presenter, Connect Professional and Captivate on a daily basis. We have a broad range of clients from education, corporate and government. Captivate clients include ING, E*TRADE, CommSec, Commonwealth Bank, Galileo,
Victoria Metropolitan Fire Brigade, AMP, MLC & NSW Department of Health just to name a few. We have a number of examples on our website www.webqem.com where we can showcase the work. Keep in mind many examples are for internal audiences. A good example of Captivate and Connect together is the work we undertook for E*TRADE.

Also note that we are Adobe Authorised Trainers in Captivate.


Larry Adler



KCWebPlaza offers many eLearning services, including Captivate. We specialize in creating custom templates and infrastructure for our clients. We current work with 3 Fortune 50 companies to build out their international eLearning, LMS, and system simulation (Captivate) solutions. We also offer pre-built templates and an Enhancement Pack.

Our example is at http://www.kcwebplaza.com/captivate/enhancement_pack/media/kcwebplaza_enhancement_pack_tour.htm

Thank you,
Todd Haynes

I am a sole trader who has been using Captivate for 9 months. Previous to this I used Authorware for over 10 years and have been involved in multimedia/e-Learning for nearly 15 years. For the last 9 months I've worked solely on Captivate projects which have involved audio, 3d characters, system simulations and soft skills training. I create my own training windows/preloaders/buttons to give the training that individual look.

My prices are very cheap compared to larger training companies.


Paul Johns
Manchester, England
+44 1706 281293

Is Captivate planning an upgrade this year? We are trying to see if we will want to add that to our budget for the next fiscal year that starts in June.

SF: We do not publish release dates but we typically release every 12-18 months. Also, we do offer upgrade plans which provide great savings - simply get it when you buy a new license of Adobe Captivate (it's available via our licensing program). Hope this helps.