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Online Educa 2007 - Some interesting tidbits ...


Online Educa is over and my brain is suffering from information overload. Here are some random notes from the conference:


  • It was a busy conference with 2,000 attendees and over 100 exhibitors from all over the world. The sessions can quickly be confusing to track with sometimes 6 different presentations in 2 hours. However - it forces presenters to get to the point ;)
  • I love the international aspect of this show - it's rare for me to meet so many people from so many different countries!
  • Many games and Web 2.0 sessions that were usually quite packed.
  • Due to meetings I didn't have time to attend any of the opening sessions but Andrew Keen (known for his book The Cult of the Amateur: How Today’s Internet is Killing Truth), has been quite controversial based on the comments I overheard e.g. comparing bloggers with monkeys and raising the issue that more authority is neededAgent for etraining.eu for resources like Wikipedia. Haven’t seen too many blog entries about it other than Wilfred Rubens’ who titles his entry “I am an ape” :) (FYI: it’s in Dutch though)
  • Met Kevin Corti and saw some pieces of the serious immersive games his company PIXELearning develops. I wish I had access to some of these during business school...
  • Caroline Winning from eBay showed how they are using Questionmark Perception for their assessments and include Adobe Captivate simulations as questions.
  • Saw learning content by etraining.eu all  based on Adobe Captivate recordings. Watch a sample simulation for PowerPoint training. If you know Adobe Captivate, you'll probably recognize the animated highlighters. The Playback controls are completely customized. I also like how they are utilizing images for the mouse to help you see which mouse button to click. There must be hundreds of tutorials - great example of rapid authoring! (on the right you see their tutor Jennifer that guides you through the setup - it's all running with text to speech - not sure which engine they are using).
  • Enjoyed the presentation closing the participation gap by Prof. Karsten D. Wolf from the University of Bremen. Packed with interested stats on wiki authoring vs. usage.


Some Flash apps I have seen:


  • PebblePAD for creating online portfoliosPebblePAD - a fun way to create online portfolios. I enjoyed seeing this application since I am creating my own portfolio for the Educational Technology courses I am taking at SDSU. At 15 pounds/year quite reasonable, especially since it allows users to extract the content. So if you use it in an educational setting, your work is not lost if you decide to move to another system after graduating. It's easy to use and you can request a PepplePad test account.

  • Talking Letters – share your pictures with audio by adding your stories. Integrates with Facebook.


If you were at Online Educa, please comment your impressions.

I am off on vacation ... Bye for now.


Hi Silke, it was really nice meeting you in Berlin.

We are working on Captivate 3 (great version by the way) now and building very cool e-learning with a character explaining stuff and all about Talking Letters. I think we need the e-learning now (got lots of new users after the show in Berlin, both at talkingletters.com and facebook.com). I am really looking forward to know what you think about it.

hi Silke,
I am impressed by the possibilities of Captivate. I am planning to use it for my dutch e-Learning wiki elearning

Within this way people can not only read how to do things, but they can also be supported by visual tutorials supplied by Captivate. This would enable the site to go the next level.

Are there wiki integrations already there?
best regards
from the Netherlands

SF: This is a great site and I am not aware of a similar page in the US. Do you already have CP demos? I didn't find any...
What kind of wiki integration are you looking for?

dear Silke,

how do you the role of Adobe in future integration of captivate in eLearning. Just passive as supplier of the software? Or active as promotor of eLearning by captivate?

SF: What exactly do you mean?

I have to say, these learning tools are incredibly great!

Especially i tried QuestionMark Perception (http://www.questionmark.com/) for online assessment. It made the greatest online test as I can with the powerful features. But I don't know why the output always prompt me a diagbox for Script Error on page. I think, the Flash-based e-assessments (such as QuizCreator or ">QuizMaker) have more friendly online. Maybe QuestionMark can test the way.

And as I know, Adobe Captivate supports Flash greatly. It could be great help if they two can collobrate to improve this point.

- William