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Portable Recording Booth


Portable Recording Booth to record narration in Adobe Captivate

Shane Matthews, who I met at the Breakfast Bite session at DevLearn, followed up with a picture and some info on his portable recording booth he uses with SMEs to record audio narration for Adobe Captivate projects. From Shane:


Attached is a photo of the first iteration - I've since updated with a small desktop stand to hold the microphone, rather than the boom stand. I'll send another image when I get back home.

It was pretty simple to build … take a small collapsible clothes hamper, which you can buy at any Wal-Mart, and line it with acoustic foam. In my case I got the foam from a local company who had recently built a recording studio and had some left over. I didn't even spend money on a pop-filter … I just made one with a hanger and a pair of nylons (not mine <grin>). By then it was a matter of principle to do it cheaply - ha! The microphone is a condenser microphone I had, which is best for capturing vocal audio.

The result? I have a "quick and dirty" portable studio that I can bring to an SME if need be. It prevents any unwanted background noise (within reason) and any echoes from flat surfaces.


Thanks for following up! This is a great idea.


THIS is beautiful!!! I think podcasters should be into this as well. What a great idea.
Can you ask shane to share via Flickr and then we can add notes to it. We can also tag it with Devlearn2007 and others can benefit from it as well that maybe missed your session.
So cool!

Very good idea is careless enough and with reduced costs that it is better of everything, congratulations!

Well thanks! I posted the photo to Flickr with a description and tagged it with DevLearn2007 and portable sound booth.

This seems as a great idea. Can I use it as a voice over on my home studio? I can't see very well on the photo the back of this booth. Do you have better photos of it?
Thank you

SF: Unfortunately I don't have a different photo right now :(