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December 21, 2007

Happy Holidays!


It's been a busy year and I can't believe the holidays are starting already. I want to say thank you to everyone who has supported our team so much this year. Our jobs nor Adobe Captivate would exist without you and your feedback. It's been a pleasure to meet many of you in person at the conferences I have been to and listen to your ideas and new feature requests. So here are some pictures and screenshots to reflect on 2007. With that, I wish everyone happy and peaceful holidays as well as an unforgettable 2008!

Watch the slide show full size

FYI: The eLearning Guild has a special holiday gift: 162 Tips and tricks for working with eLearning tools (there are also a couple of tips on Adobe Captivate). You can find more tips specific to Adobe Captivate in my blog.

Holiday Cards

Oddcast Santa Card From Oddcast - you can customize this Christmas card and create your own

 This is probably supergeeky - Christmas Time in Dun-Morogh - video game style.


And if you are out of ideas, you can create a quiz question card - check out this one from Pedagogue.com.

If you have seen cool or funny ones, please add them in the comments. Happy Holidays.

December 18, 2007

Adobe 25 Year Anniversary Party


Last week we had our Adobe 25 year anniversary party and it rocked! It was held in a huge tent next to the San Jose convention center where John Warnock and Chuck Geschke kicked it off (Find out more about the Adobe History in the book Inside the Publishing Revolution: The Adobe Story - I read it during our acquisition days).

Smash MouthThe party was the best company event I have ever attended and was more like something you might have seen during the .com boom. The atmosphere was great and it's neat to see many people in person I only know through email.

There were also lots of cool geeky things: several Wii’s were set up (looks like you can still buy Wii's on Amazon - too late for Christmas?), Foosball, pool tables, Extreme BMX riders showing their amazing jumps, a guy that made soap bubbles, a creative drawing app in its own pavillion, and a fun Segway test ride (check out my alternATIVe blog why I prefer electric bicycles).

The big surprise was a Smash Mouth concert with a lot of their biggest hits.

Terry White did a great write up on his blog with really good pictures (Unfortunately I only had my Treo with me).


December 10, 2007

Worldwide Adobe Sales and Marketing Conference


I just returned from Germany and I am now attending our annual sales & marketing conference. With the huge number of products we have, I am learning a lot about our own products. Here are some links I saw today I wanted to share with you:

  • Flex.org with cool sample applications like MySecondLife.com, a search portal for SecondLife residents or Scrapblog to easily create stunning online scrapbooks with your photos, transitions and music.
  • Get the Glass Flash game - it's easy and fun to play and the graphics are great. (by the California Milk Processor Board)
  • Anthropologie's AIR app - I didn't see a link to download the app but we saw a demo of using the catalog and it rocks. If you are currently looking into developing any in house app for your eLearning needs, you may want to take a closer look at AIR. More AIR examples.