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Adobe 25 Year Anniversary Party


Last week we had our Adobe 25 year anniversary party and it rocked! It was held in a huge tent next to the San Jose convention center where John Warnock and Chuck Geschke kicked it off (Find out more about the Adobe History in the book Inside the Publishing Revolution: The Adobe Story - I read it during our acquisition days).

Smash MouthThe party was the best company event I have ever attended and was more like something you might have seen during the .com boom. The atmosphere was great and it's neat to see many people in person I only know through email.

There were also lots of cool geeky things: several Wii’s were set up (looks like you can still buy Wii's on Amazon - too late for Christmas?), Foosball, pool tables, Extreme BMX riders showing their amazing jumps, a guy that made soap bubbles, a creative drawing app in its own pavillion, and a fun Segway test ride (check out my alternATIVe blog why I prefer electric bicycles).

The big surprise was a Smash Mouth concert with a lot of their biggest hits.

Terry White did a great write up on his blog with really good pictures (Unfortunately I only had my Treo with me).