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February 22, 2008

Tip: 'Stop Action' via Play Button on the first slide



We recently received the question on how to give the viewer control over starting demo playback. This is especially important if you have multiple demos on a single HTML page or in a blog - by default, they would all start at the same time. I personally like graying out the background and placing a button in the center. Here is a little demo on how I did it. The steps are very simple :)

February 21, 2008

A Vision of Students Today

Elliott Masie's Learning TRENDS email today included a link to a great 4 min video on YouTube that shows how students are changing e.g. Students 2.0.

Great reason to create interactive multimedia simulations :)

February 20, 2008

Tip: Keeping the TAB key press in Adobe Captivate content in a browser


Tab Key

A couple of days ago I received this comment:

I'd like to see some workarounds for using the tab key inside a captivate project running on the web. Many times the browser steals back the Tab keyPress and it becomes non functional in the applications.

Our QA manager Suresh has provided a simple workaround:

There is a behavior called Seamless tabbing, which allows tabbing to extend beyond the movie and start with the browser address bar. To disable, follow these steps:

  1. Open the HTML file Adobe Captivate generates in a note pad or HTML editor
  2. Between the writeDocument <object> </object> tags, add the following '<param name="SeamlessTabbing" value="false">'+
  3. Save the HTML file

Your tabbing will now stay within the movie. I tested this for both IE and FF and it works.

Thanks Suresh!

February 19, 2008

Tip: Adding Adobe Captivate movie clips to a PDF file

The new article on including animated and interactive .SWF files into PDF documents is now published on the Developer Center: Adding Adobe Captivate movie clips to a PDF file.

Thanks Jeff for writing this article!

February 18, 2008

New Adobe Captivate Developer Center tutorials: YouTube, Right-Click, SWF in PDF

We are constantly publishing new articles in our Adobe Captivate Developer Center - a place where you can access free articles with step-by-step how to instructions. The latest include:
Publishing Adobe Captivate files to YouTube and Using animations to extend Adobe Captivate for right-click capability. The next article to be published will show you how to insert Adobe Captivate SWF files into an Acrobat PDF file - did you know that you can even do that? Imagine a visual demo inside your PDF!

We are looking for new topics or specific areas of interest. Please vote on the right, what kind of topics you are interested in or add a comment for specific content.

Would you like to become an author?
If you are interested in writing an article yourself, simply provide your contact info in the blog comments with a brief description of your topic.

February 14, 2008

Adobe Captivate Tips - Submit yours!

The eLearning Guild is planning a new eBook on Tips for Producing and Managing Flash-based e-Learning Content and they are looking for tip submissions. Here is your chance to share your Adobe Captivate tips with your peers.

Simply submit your Tips for Producing and Managing Flash-based e-Learning Content via the eLearning Guild website.

PS: Feel free to use any of the tips you find in my blog :)

February 12, 2008

Adobe Captivate is a CODiE Finalist 'squared' ;)

Ben Forta beat me to blogging about it since ColdFusion is a finalist in the category "Best Web Services Solution" :)

Adobe Captivate is nominated in two categories this year:

Best Corporate Learning Solution
Best Education Technology Solution for Productivity/Creativity

Acrobat Connect, with which Adobe Captivate integrates (see the Captivate - Connect integration page) and which allows actual interactivity inside a virtual classroom for all participants at the same time, is nomiated in "Best Collaboration Solution". If you haven't experienced Connect, I highly recommend - and I don't just say it because I work for Adobe. All our eseminars are conducted inside Acrobat Connect. Just the other week I tried to do a presentation using the customer's internal tool and we ended up using Connect after spending 2 hours trying to figure out the other tool - Acrobat Connect is super easy, doesn't need a special plugin to attend, it's smooth for the presenter and an awesome, highly interactive experience for the attendee.

Check out the entire list of CODiE award finalists.

Now we just have to wait until May ...