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Adobe Captivate Tips - Submit yours!

The eLearning Guild is planning a new eBook on Tips for Producing and Managing Flash-based e-Learning Content and they are looking for tip submissions. Here is your chance to share your Adobe Captivate tips with your peers.

Simply submit your Tips for Producing and Managing Flash-based e-Learning Content via the eLearning Guild website.

PS: Feel free to use any of the tips you find in my blog :)


This tip is about something you will do on Flash, but you can of course import the file in to Captivate.

If you wish to "trigger" different actions on screen, for example an animation or a quiz, use a streaming in the background for that.

Add a media streamer component, give it a reference to an audio file and then create a list of actions happening every time you reach a specific amount of seconds.

What will happen is that e.g. an animation (movie clip) with an instance name of "myAnimation" will play when you get to xx seconds in the audio file.

This is a great technique and it makes the flow of elements perfect on screen.