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Tip: Keeping the TAB key press in Adobe Captivate content in a browser


Tab Key

A couple of days ago I received this comment:

I'd like to see some workarounds for using the tab key inside a captivate project running on the web. Many times the browser steals back the Tab keyPress and it becomes non functional in the applications.

Our QA manager Suresh has provided a simple workaround:

There is a behavior called Seamless tabbing, which allows tabbing to extend beyond the movie and start with the browser address bar. To disable, follow these steps:

  1. Open the HTML file Adobe Captivate generates in a note pad or HTML editor
  2. Between the writeDocument <object> </object> tags, add the following '<param name="SeamlessTabbing" value="false">'+
  3. Save the HTML file

Your tabbing will now stay within the movie. I tested this for both IE and FF and it works.

Thanks Suresh!


Wonder if I am missing something. I have seen this work around before and I tried it and it has never worked for me. I am working in dreamweaver and changing the .htm file that captivate generates. Am I missing something?

SF: Just updated the entry - you'll need to include the param info in the first section writeDocument like the other parameters: ''+


Thanks for the great blog! I know this is pretty simple, but can you publish this in the developer center? That way I won't lose it as you publish more content.


Jason Eden
VMware, Inc.

SF: We link from the dev center to this blog :)

Thanks for above workaround! It helped a lot. I wonder, if something like this is possible to negate function keys to be passed to IE, too?
I already searched the dev center for help, but couldnĀ“t find any hint.

Help would be greatly appreciated!

I have the same problem that Tina.
Could you please help us with that issue?? How to negate the function keys to be passed to IE.

I'll add my plea for a solution to bypass IE for function keys during a captivate sim....