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Adobe Flash Player Coming to iPhone

Read more in Bill Perry's blog - Adobe Flash Player Coming to iPhone. ┬áBill is an Adobe product evangelist in Adobe’s Mobile and Devices group.



check the web videohamster.com . They give the service for iPhone and iPodsTouch for see the flash adobe, why you don't do that free :p for all iPhone and iPods without Apple updates (no Itune) Thanks for you atention.

hi I need adobe flash for mi iPhone

Please please tell me how I can download adobe flash to my iphone? Is that possible? Because I tried and failed! Thanks! Lillian

You can't download flash player on your Iphone! Adobe is working on a version for Iphone and Ipod touch.

Can I install adobe shockwave on my iPod Touch?


I recently bought my iPhone and am truely blown away by how advanced it is and can't believe I have wasted at least a year using blackberrys and nokias etc!

Anyway the one thing i was unhappy to not find was an available flashplayer to download, but I am happy to hear adobe is working on it, at present!

Please if possible could you give a date when adobe hopes to have flashplayer aailable for the iPhone!? Or a goal?!

When will Adobe have a Flash product for the Apple I phone?

Any chance of a beta program that converts .flv videos to .mp4 iPhone compatible files plz!?

Adobe already made the flash player for iphone, they're just waiting for Steve Jobs to give the ok i guess, since it violates some of the Apple terms, but I'm sure they will give different terms to Adobe like they do to Google. Lets see. Even though I like Steve Jobs , he acts like a little baby sometimes. Plus I think he has something against Adobe. I'm sure it will be out soon.

When will adobe Flash b ready 4 iphone...???

Any comments on Director shockwave for Iphone? Is this being worked on?

I am also waiting for Flash Player for IPod Touch. The screen pops up on my I pod when I try to view something. Update your version of adobe flash player.

please get me flash for my iphone even if i have to jailbreak my iphone please adobe

Please, please, make a flash player program for iPhones & iPods touch!!!!!!!
I think that all the people who own them, need it.
PD. Make it free, hehe.

C'ya then...

I am in need of a flash player for my iPod touch. Any idea when one might be available? This is my only Internet access I have and really need a flash player. Hope you all come out with something A.S.A.P. You gotta stay ahead of the game...

hi! Is there an adobe flash player for
the iPod touch?
I am in need of one to see videos on
my iPod!!!!

I hope adobe release flash for the iphone very very soon. I need it :D

Being disabled & confined to home, I rely on my iPod touch for access to the outside world but am unable to access some sites as I do not have a flash player for my iPod touch. Please, please, please, can u tell me if & when one will be available? Please. Thanking you in advance. Janet.

when will the flash player for ipod touch come? Many of us are waiting... I hope adobe or apple gets a move immediately.. Many appreciate the product coz its quite amazing but,this thing makes us unhappy..

I would like to be added to the list of iPhone users that NEED flash or something that will run flash on this phone.

please please please please please please hurry and bring out a flash player for this excellent iPhone.

I am a web designer/developer. As such I use my phone in a pinch to review clients sites...pretty useless if I can't see the flash!

Desperately waiting for the flash player to come out for the iPhone, the iphone is useless without it.

We need Flash Player for our iPhones. There are soo many sites that require it. I believe this is one of the main glitches that should be fixed rights away.

Thanks! :)

Count me on the list of millions of people waiting patiently for Flash support in the iPod/iPhone.