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ASTD TechKnowledge Notes



Last week I spent in San Antonio to attend the ASTD TechKnowledge 2008 conference. I really enjoyed the opening session by David Pogue (I was really impressed how he handled a keynote speaker's biggest nightmare - fried hard drive before a presentation) - it was quite entertaining.

We offered several hands-on sessions on Adobe Presenter, Technical Communication Suite, and of course Adobe Captivate. (comment/blog from an attendee)

The Adobe Captivate sessions were packed every time - if you weren't able to attend or had trouble following along, you can download the basic step-by-step document I created and simply try creating a project 'at home'. Just play with it and have fun.

Download free 30-day trial of Adobe Captivate

The easiest way to start learning Adobe Captivate are the built in tutorials on the start page and you can always check out our online recorded sessions and live eseminars: Rapid eLearning Made Easy .

PS: If you tried to attend today's eseminar, please re-register for the next - I made a scheduling mistake and we are working to make up for it.