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Tip: Using the new automatic Re-Recording



The new re-recording feature in Adobe Captivate enables you to automatically recapture web applications and is usually used for applications that

  • undergo a lot of changes (for example an enterprise wide system during the implementation)
  • have different language UIs.

This feature was very tricky to implement and is in its first version only available for IE6 and limited to HTML-based web applications. It basically creates a script, like a macro in Word, of what you are doing in the web application.

Here are the steps on how to use it:

  1. Select Software Simulation - Application when starting to record.
  2. Check these options and don't forget to check Re-Recording Information in the Advanced Settings:
  3. Record your steps normally and end the recording.
  4. Save all files where you can find them again. The Re-recording Script is one of the files that will be saved with your demo, training, and assessment project:

Now imagine, your engineers have renamed a field in the application or added new features, you can simply rerecord automatically. This also works great for web apps that can change the language on the fly (like some SAP apps). Simply start a new project and let Adobe Captivate do the work:

  1. Set up your browser window exactly where you started recording last time.
  2. Start a new Adobe Captivate project but now browse to your script in the Advanced Settings:
  3. Hit Record and grab a coffee :) When you come back, 3 new projects should be ready - in my case, with French captions.

PS: To set up your browser at exactly the same size every time, do this:

  1. Create a new project > Software Simulation > Custom Size > OK
  2. Enter your ideal size (I always recommend 720x540).
  3. Select your browser window and Snap to fit (This sizes the application window to your ideal size).
  4. Hit Cancel and start your project as described in the beginning of the blog.


Has this functionality been tried on any other applications? We run a custom windows app that is regularly updated and would be very interested in this functionality!

SF: This only works for IE6 right now ... You can try it on other apps but we can't promise it'll work as it does in IE6.

in my specific case, the recordings will get a lot of characters (images), captions and other kinds of itens. when re-recording is needed, i couldn't find an option to re-record over the same archive and keeping the other itens in their own timing and position, changing only the recorded screen. is this possible? since there's a whole lot of demonstrations recorded and takes a lot of time to organize the characters and captions, something like that would make the whole project easier when a new version comes out...
thanks! :)