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April 25, 2008

Be on the cutting edge: Cool AIR-based Information/Support System

Free online training on AIR-based performance support systemsOur Sr. Product Evangelist RJ Jacquez has completed a free online training session on how to create your own AIR-based documentation or performance support system without programming. The training includes sample files, many links to resources, and even the download of the sample information system he built for Adobe Buzzword.

Imagine you could take all your documents, instructions, Adobe Captivate content, PDF files, and more and package it all up into an effective and modern system that installs on the learner's desktop (cross platform); includes full navigation with TOC, index, search, glossary, favorites; additional resources and more. Without programming and in about an hour - how's that for impressing your management!

Watch the free session Getting started with Adobe RoboHelp Packager for AIR



April 24, 2008

Tip: Free Tips eBook from the eLearning Guild

 Tips ebook

The eLearning Guild published a new eBook:
239 Tips for Producing and Managing
Flash-based e-Learning Content
It includes several pages of Adobe Captivate and general best practice tips - all submitted by users like you.

It's free!


Tip: Integrating Adobe Captivate content in Adobe Presenter

Robe Rode, who I met recently at a conference when he was presenting on Adobe Presenter, just started his blog and offers some great tips on integrating Adobe Captivate content in Adobe Presenter.



April 16, 2008

Tips & Tricks Session at Annual Gathering

Adobe Captivate Master Class at Annual GatheringAt the Annual Gathering of the eLearning Guild we have received lots of feature ideas and feedback. Our product sessions were packed and we had several members from our team in India here. They were conducting focus group sessions with attendees to get feedback about our ideas on Adobe Captivate 4 (I'll let you know through the blog, when the beta starts - will still be a while).

Tips & Tricks slidesAs promised, you can access my slides from the session at Session 410 Tips & Tricks Slides. (FYI: Some of the links are 'broken' because they go to files on my computer). A SWF sample is also included in one of the slides playing inside the presentation.

I guess our Tips & Tricks session made an impression - Check out Will Thalheimer's blog about the session - blogs like this make my day :)

AIR-based EPSS created with RoboHelpAt the session, we showed the new RoboHelp packager for AIR - imagine you can create a professional looking, standalone performance support system that:

  • offers complete navigation with table of contents, index, search, glossary
  • informs the user when new information/update is available
  • can be used while being offline
  • works/looks exactly the same on Windows, Mac, Linux
  • enables inclusion of PDF, Adobe Captivate, .SWF files.
  • Offers new technologies like favorites (new for typical online help systems), commenting, content zoom, open pages in tabs, include additional resources displayed inside the system and more
  • all without programming!

Adobe AIR is quite amazing and recommend taking a closer look at it for eLearning.

Talking about AIR - I stopped by Brent Schlenker's session Scanning the Globe: Connecting your digital world to the world around you that focused on QR codes. One of the attendees pointed out the free QR code generator built in AIR.


So, here is a secret message - whoever comments first what is hidden in the QR code will receive a USB stick from me (please include your address/contact info in the comment) - my phone unfortunately is not yet supported and I don't have a reader on it, so I couldn't test this code ... I hope it works for you ;)


PS: The presentation slides are published via Adobe Presenter - it plugs in to PowerPoint to convert your slides to a very nice and quick loading Flash-based online experience.




April 10, 2008

Tips & Tricks Session at Seattle Captivate User Group Meeting

Slides for Adobe Captivate Tips & Tricks Session at Seattle User Group MeetingI just returned from Seattle where we had a great Captivate user group meeting last night. I promised to make my slides available. This is a bit of a sneak peek for my session I'll deliver at the eLearning Guild Annual Gathering next week.

Thanks again to Mark and Matt for organizing the event. And thanks Bobby for attending and providing support :)

The questions and discussions at the end were great. By the way - the Pizza was really good!


PS: The presentation is published via Adobe Presenter - it plugs in to PowerPoint to convert your slides to a very nice and quick loading Flash-based online experience.



April 1, 2008

Captivate Masters Class - June 9-13 NYC

Captivate Master Class Banner

Our authorized training partner Lodestone is offering a unique class on Adobe Captivate - the Captivate Masters Class. This intense training week, where you'll learn anything from getting started in minutes to editing audio with Soundbooth or figuring out the LMS integration, will take place in New York June 9-13. Register by May 1st for Captivate master class and receive $100 off

If you register by May 1st, you save $100.

I just booked my flight to be there - I'd like to check out some of the sessions and meet with attendees and trainers. I hope I won't make the instructor too nervous and maybe learn some new tricks myself.