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Captivate Masters Class - June 9-13 NYC

Captivate Master Class Banner

Our authorized training partner Lodestone is offering a unique class on Adobe Captivate - the Captivate Masters Class. This intense training week, where you'll learn anything from getting started in minutes to editing audio with Soundbooth or figuring out the LMS integration, will take place in New York June 9-13. Register by May 1st for Captivate master class and receive $100 off

If you register by May 1st, you save $100.

I just booked my flight to be there - I'd like to check out some of the sessions and meet with attendees and trainers. I hope I won't make the instructor too nervous and maybe learn some new tricks myself.




I've read many times on the Adobe User forums that Adobe developers and marketers don't read the user forums. Is this true? Ross Perot, who sat on the Board of Directors of General Motors back when it had a 50% share of the US car market, used to claim that GM management also refused to pay any attention to people who bought their cars. Today GM has a 25% market share, and falling. Kinda makes you think...

Not everyone buys Captivate solely for the purpose of creating fancy bi-directional interactive presentations. Some people buy it as a quick, easy way to capture and author a short animated one-way screen demo.

Except, if they do buy it for that reason, they're screwed. The SWF-only output policy means that a Captivate show cannot be seamlessly combined with any type of sit-back-and-watch-it video. Even using the video editor made by Adobe itself, Premier Pro.

My company bought Captivate--on my recommendation, I regret to say--for just that reason. Now I can't deliver what I promised and I'm screwed. If I had recommended that they buy Camtasia I wouldn't be in the trouble with my rather overbearing boss that I'm in today.

Kinda makes you think...

SF: Hi Josh, thank you for your comment. Our team is constantly reviewing the forums and we create a weekly feature request report from the forum entries. The feature request you are asking for is something we are looking into.