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Tip: Free Tips eBook from the eLearning Guild

 Tips ebook

The eLearning Guild published a new eBook:
239 Tips for Producing and Managing
Flash-based e-Learning Content
It includes several pages of Adobe Captivate and general best practice tips - all submitted by users like you.

It's free!




I was really surprised to read in this book that Flash Player Version 9.0.115 will block the 'getURL' function calls. Is there any scripting in Captivate 1 or 2 that we have to worry about with the latest version of Flash Player? Do you have more information on what Flash Player supports what functions (since you're with Adobe, I thought I'd ask).

SF: No worries - I just heard back from QA that there is no impact.

Silke -

This is a great resource, especially for a relatively new Captivate developer. Your tip that leads off the Captivate section - the one about multiple levels of feedback - works well, except for one thing: The first feedback messages linger so long that they obscure the new ones (even with the newer clickboxes on higher layers). The only way this works is if the learner is exceptionally slow to make the second and third click (and ours won't be - they're part of the video game generation). Is there a workaround or a fix for this? Thanks!