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Tips & Tricks Session at Annual Gathering

Adobe Captivate Master Class at Annual GatheringAt the Annual Gathering of the eLearning Guild we have received lots of feature ideas and feedback. Our product sessions were packed and we had several members from our team in India here. They were conducting focus group sessions with attendees to get feedback about our ideas on Adobe Captivate 4 (I'll let you know through the blog, when the beta starts - will still be a while).

Tips & Tricks slidesAs promised, you can access my slides from the session at Session 410 Tips & Tricks Slides. (FYI: Some of the links are 'broken' because they go to files on my computer). A SWF sample is also included in one of the slides playing inside the presentation.

I guess our Tips & Tricks session made an impression - Check out Will Thalheimer's blog about the session - blogs like this make my day :)

AIR-based EPSS created with RoboHelpAt the session, we showed the new RoboHelp packager for AIR - imagine you can create a professional looking, standalone performance support system that:

  • offers complete navigation with table of contents, index, search, glossary
  • informs the user when new information/update is available
  • can be used while being offline
  • works/looks exactly the same on Windows, Mac, Linux
  • enables inclusion of PDF, Adobe Captivate, .SWF files.
  • Offers new technologies like favorites (new for typical online help systems), commenting, content zoom, open pages in tabs, include additional resources displayed inside the system and more
  • all without programming!

Adobe AIR is quite amazing and recommend taking a closer look at it for eLearning.

Talking about AIR - I stopped by Brent Schlenker's session Scanning the Globe: Connecting your digital world to the world around you that focused on QR codes. One of the attendees pointed out the free QR code generator built in AIR.


So, here is a secret message - whoever comments first what is hidden in the QR code will receive a USB stick from me (please include your address/contact info in the comment) - my phone unfortunately is not yet supported and I don't have a reader on it, so I couldn't test this code ... I hope it works for you ;)


PS: The presentation slides are published via Adobe Presenter - it plugs in to PowerPoint to convert your slides to a very nice and quick loading Flash-based online experience.





Thanks for the slides. These are GREAT tips! I subscribed to your blog's RSS feed (a first for me!) I plan to be a more frequent reader, since I know I can always count on you for good advice! Keep up the good work!

>...whoever comments first what is hidden in the QR code...

SF: Roger has found it - thanks for trying and I'll send out hte USB drive by Tuesday :)

I really enjoyed the session at AG08. It was very informative and thanks again for sharing the slide deck.

Silke, it was great meeting you 'officially' at AG08. The tips 'n tricks were helpful but the focus group was a highlight. I look forward to working with you in the future. P.S., I promised you I would comment on your blog!! ;)


Can you direct us to a resource that compares the Adobe Products Captivate and Adobe Presenter? We're not sure which is better for what types of elearning.

SF: I always recommend using Presenter if the core authoring tool is PPT and the content is informational only.
If the content requires software training, learning scenarios, branching, and simulations with lots of interactivity, I recommend Adobe Captivate.
Hope this helps!

Great slides and tips Silke, thanks. Captivate is such a brilliant product with such a huge feature set that sometimes these features escape the attention they deserve. One of these features is the Publish to Step-by-Step guide which creates a word document output. I'd love to see you blog on this one day and hope Adobe continue to enhance this capability.