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May 28, 2008

What's new in Adobe Presenter 7

Please find a list of new features in Presenter 7 below.


If you are unsure about the differences between Adobe Captivate and Presenter, take a look at the basic comparison table. Please keep in mind it's a basic overview - I personally use Presenter for informational content (e.g. sales training on messaging, pricing, etc.) and Adobe Captivate for interactive branched content (e.g. new features, procedures, simulations, soft skills).


  • Video
    • FLV support in the slides
    • Capture video during the presentation and include as talking head
    • high quality video support
    • more video formats supported for importing video
  • Quizzing
    • Import questions from existing quiz
    • Quiz pane in output
    • Question pools
    • Question and answer shuffling
    • Bulk formatting
  • Branding
    • Replace Adobe logo with your own image/text
    • Customize colors
  • Office 2007 support (.pptx format)
  • PDF output




May 27, 2008

Edu sessions at MAX - tell us what you'd like to see

Our education team would like to offer specific sessions for educators at MAX 2008 which is held in San Francisco the week after the Adobe Summit & eLearning Guild - Great opportunity to attend all 3 events within 2 weeks.

To tailer the edu track to your needs, we have a quick survey where you can give us feedback:

Complete Survey for EDU Track at MAX



May 23, 2008

DevLearn and Adobe Learning Summit - November 2008

DevLearn Conference - Learning in a Web 2.0 world

The DevLearn08 Conference is now open for registration - it's going to be a great event and we partnered again this year with the eLearning Guild to provide the Adobe Learning Summit.

FYI: If you register before June 27th, you can get a $200 discount on the DevLearn registration.


Adobe Learning Summit

During the Adobe Learning Summit, you'll have the chance to meet with product managers and evangelists from our core eLearning tools. There will also be sessions where customers are telling their stories. And there are two things I look forward to most: the reception at Adobe Headquarters and a sneak peek session by RJ Jacquez, our Sr. Product Evangelist, who is already excited about it.

He'll have many neat new things to show you there :-)

You can register for both events at the same time and save. If you register before June 27th, you can take advantage of the super early registration discount of $50 for the Adobe Learning Summit. We look forward seeing you at the conference.



May 22, 2008

Meet with Product Management in the Bay Area next week

Our product management team will travel to San Francisco next week and will also spend time on community outreach. We would like to:

  • meet up with Adobe Captivate users in the area to find out how we’re doing for you,
  • understand your key requirements in eLearning in the near future,
  • discuss how some of our products could help address those.

If you are in the San Francisco area and interested in meeting with our team, please respond by commenting to this blog entry and I'll forward your comment with your contact information to our Product Manager Shameer, who will get in touch with you asap.

Be prepared to sign a Non-disclosure Agreement - You might find out what's coming in Adobe Captivate 4.



May 21, 2008

Adobe Captivate wins CODiE Award

Last night, the CODiE 2008 award winners were announced in San Francisco and Adobe Captivate won Best Corporate Learning Solution in the education category. We also had Acrobat Connect Pro win Best Collaboration Solution and ColdFusion in Best Web Services Solution.

I am very excited that we won these awards and especially for Adobe Captivate it shows how far we have come from a simple screen recording utility to the 'best-of-best' eLearning authoring tool. Please keep your feature requests coming so we can push the product to a whole new level.

Find out more in the InfoWorld article about the CODiE awards.



May 20, 2008

Adobe Presenter 7 now available - only $500

Adobe Presenter available in online storeWith the recent launch of Acrobat Connect Pro, we also launched Adobe Presenter 7 as a standalone product. Since yesterday, Presenter is available in our online store at only $500. We have a free trial of Adobe Presenter available and I recommend giving it a try if you have to deal with lots of PowerPoint files and informational type content. Adobe Presenter is extremely easy to use and does an outstanding job converting your slides with synchronized audio. Plus, you can insert Adobe Captivate simulations or demos to make your presentations more interactive.

Connect Pro also offers free trials. You can bring Adobe Captivate simulations into your virtual classroom and all attendees can now fully participate in the simulation learning from their own mistakes versus just watching a presenter.

Connect Pro makes synchronous interactivity possible - talking about engaging Virtual Classrooms!



Educational pricing for Adobe Captivate

Adobe Education Solutions PageBased on some comments I have received, it seems to be difficult to find our educational pricing. We have a great section on our website completely dedicated to education and it includes the educational store which offers the special pricing for those that qualify.

The Adobe Captivate 3 educational price is $249 and you can benefit from your licensing program with your specific discount level. In addition, we offer special High Volume pricing (please contact your sales rep).

Additional resources:



May 19, 2008

Creating step-by-step documentation from Adobe Captivate

Adobe Captivate has many amazing features and one of them is quite hidden: The ability to publish quick reference or step-by-step guides in addition to animated software demos and interactive simulations. This functionality has been available since version 2 and is highly customizable - take a look at the Developer Center article to learn more:

Creating printed versions of Adobe Captivate projects

PS: Thanks Tim for reminding me to blog about this!



May 16, 2008

Adobe Captivate and Flash workshops at DevCon

The eLearning DevCon 2008 conference is coming up in Salt Lake City in July and there are several great pre-conference training planned from beginning Flash and Actionscripting to advanced Adobe Captivate. You will also find many sessions that cover different topics around Adobe Captivate. This event might be a good way to quickly get you up and running with the tools.

eLearning DevCon Conference 2008



May 15, 2008

Adobe Captivate 3 Certification Exam now available

The Adobe Certification to be an Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) in Adobe Captivate 3 is now available. Adobe certification is an industry standard of excellence, and it's the absolute best way to communicate your proficiency in leading products from Adobe. Plus it's a great way to differentiate yourself from the competition as an eLearning service provider or consultant.

An exam prep guide can be accessed on our website, where you'll also find registration information.



May 13, 2008

eSeminar Q&A

RJ Jacquez, our Sr. Product Evangelist, has presented today's eseminar Interactivity in Virtual Classrooms where he showed Adobe Captivate, publishing to a Connect server, creating a curriculum, and using Adobe Captivate content in a live virtual classroom (our seminar presentation room). We had over 600 attendees so I helped out answering questions and received several requests to make the Q&A available (see below - participant's last names and redundant questions are removed).

I also recommend taking a look at our website since a lot of information is covered there:



May 6, 2008

Call for presenters for DevLearn 2008

eLearning Guild DevLearn 2008The eLearning Guild just sent out a call for presenters for the upcoming DevLearn Conference November 11-14 in San Jose, CA. It's my favorite conference where I learn the most and it's fun to see what users are doing with Adobe Captivate. If you use Adobe Captivate and you have examples to show or best practices to share, become a speaker.

It's easy to submit a proposal for DevLearn 2008.


May 5, 2008

When is Acrobat Connect Pro 7 available?

I have received several questions on when the new version of Acrobat Connect will be available: The product will ship before the end of May.



May 4, 2008

Acrobat Connect Pro launched!

Adobe Acrobat Connect ProWe are launching Acrobat Connect Pro, the new version of our web conferencing / virtual classroom solution (used to be called Breeze at Macromedia).

There are many breakthrough features in this release, especially when it comes to virtual classrooms where, for example, break-out rooms are now supported, or you can now edit your recorded sessions. Take a look at Connect Pro and Adobe Presenter (which you'll be able to purchase via the Adobe online store, as soon as it starts shipping).

The easiest way to experience the new version is by simply attending one of our eseminars > Register.

Adobe Captivate content in an Adobe Acrobat Connect PodAdobe Captivate is part of the Rapid Training Solution and there are many integration points with Acrobat Connect Pro, like direct publishing to a Connect server. Therefore, we will release a patch in a few weeks that fully supports the new version of Acrobat Connect Pro. Keep an eye out for the automatic update.

Congratulations to the Connect team - This release is absolutely amazing!