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Acrobat Connect Pro launched!

Adobe Acrobat Connect ProWe are launching Acrobat Connect Pro, the new version of our web conferencing / virtual classroom solution (used to be called Breeze at Macromedia).

There are many breakthrough features in this release, especially when it comes to virtual classrooms where, for example, break-out rooms are now supported, or you can now edit your recorded sessions. Take a look at Connect Pro and Adobe Presenter (which you'll be able to purchase via the Adobe online store, as soon as it starts shipping).

The easiest way to experience the new version is by simply attending one of our eseminars > Register.

Adobe Captivate content in an Adobe Acrobat Connect PodAdobe Captivate is part of the Rapid Training Solution and there are many integration points with Acrobat Connect Pro, like direct publishing to a Connect server. Therefore, we will release a patch in a few weeks that fully supports the new version of Acrobat Connect Pro. Keep an eye out for the automatic update.

Congratulations to the Connect team - This release is absolutely amazing!




We have a hosted Connect Pro account, but have not been notified when the upgrade to 7 will occur. Can you provide a date?

Does anyone know the anticipated date of this release? I have heard May but is it going to be Mid May, Late May or maybe early June?
Either way we are very excited for the release. I worked with the Beta some and the new features are wonderful.


I got an e-mail from Adobe yesterday stating that the hosted version would be updated to 7 on Saturday, May 17.

The upgrade will be pushed on Saturday, May 17th for all hosted accounts.