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Adobe Captivate 3 Certification Exam now available

The Adobe Certification to be an Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) in Adobe Captivate 3 is now available. Adobe certification is an industry standard of excellence, and it's the absolute best way to communicate your proficiency in leading products from Adobe. Plus it's a great way to differentiate yourself from the competition as an eLearning service provider or consultant.

An exam prep guide can be accessed on our website, where you'll also find registration information.




This was one of the best news, I am going soon to try to take away my certification, but before boa studied.

Sounds great! I have been waiting to get certified! Captivate is a fun program. It is so quick and easy I started making free monthly tutorials (I had an 5 extra minutes!)

Check it out:
Adobe Tips & Tricks

More to come!

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I need some advanced help on Captivate 3. Is there anyone that can assist with a specific problem I have (willing to pay for consulting service)

Please email me at quintus@doceo.co.za