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Adobe Presenter 7 now available - only $500

Adobe Presenter available in online storeWith the recent launch of Acrobat Connect Pro, we also launched Adobe Presenter 7 as a standalone product. Since yesterday, Presenter is available in our online store at only $500. We have a free trial of Adobe Presenter available and I recommend giving it a try if you have to deal with lots of PowerPoint files and informational type content. Adobe Presenter is extremely easy to use and does an outstanding job converting your slides with synchronized audio. Plus, you can insert Adobe Captivate simulations or demos to make your presentations more interactive.

Connect Pro also offers free trials. You can bring Adobe Captivate simulations into your virtual classroom and all attendees can now fully participate in the simulation learning from their own mistakes versus just watching a presenter.

Connect Pro makes synchronous interactivity possible - talking about engaging Virtual Classrooms!




Silke, I am wonderingn what the difference is between Captivate and Presenter? Just curious.

SF: Good point - check out the table at http://www.adobe.com/products/captivate/integration/connect/

Only $500.00?
I guess that isn't a lot of money for what it does. Just out of curiosity if someone were to buy it stand alone for only $500.00 what could they do with it?

For us we use it with a Connect Professional Server and without this it would be neat for trainings and some marketing but we really rely on the server to give us the information we need as far as reporting and limiting access to some of the content.

I guess as a stand alone option they could use it with another LMS, or could they?

Just curious!


What updates are there in version 7? Bug fixes? New features, etc? I don't see any documentation of version 7 vs 6 vs 5 on the adobe.com website.


I utilize Presenter quite extensively both as a stand alone product and in conjunction with Connect. As a stand alone tool, it is quite a wonderful means of creating educational/training modules for my students. It is easily packaged and deployed on our LMS (Blackboard) and can integrate various flash media such as Articulate Engage, Adobe Captivate, etc.

Will Adobe Presenter 7 be available with educational pricing?

SF: Please check with edu store or call 800-585-0774

I also would like to know what's included in 7 that wasn't in earlier versions. I don't see any response to Tucker's May 21 post asking about this.

SF: Please check out my follow up blog at http://blogs.adobe.com/silke.fleischer/2008/05/whats_new_in_adobe_presenter_7.html