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Adobe Captivate 3 Update available

In support of the Acrobat Connect Pro launch, we have published a patch for Adobe Captivate 3. To find out what's in this update, take a look at our Developer Center article Integrating Adobe Captivate more tightly with Acrobat Connect Pro using the new Adobe Captivate patch.


You can install the patch automatically via the Adobe Update Manager. Simply go to Help > Updates ...



I've seen forum reports of Caption text editing being mixed up for some people after the upgrade. Hopefully your fantastic engineers (and no, that was not sarcastic, I really do think they are fantastic!!) can fix that quickly.

Yes, the engineers should be releasing a patch for the patch in a couple or three days.

Hi. I tried updating but the Update Manager couldn't detect Captivate on my PC, and so didn't display any updates for Captivate.

I couldn't even find any on this page


The Help>Updates does not seem to be working... is there a way to download it directly?

SF: it's turned off and will be available again mid to end of next week.

I believe the update is causing more problems than just captions. In addition to that, we have a user that has had problems publishing the zip files for LMS after the upgrade. We have a very large training department and need to know ASAP what is going on with this so-called patch.

SF: The patch is on hold. The team is fixing any issues that came up and we'll release it end of next week.

Does the patch make it possible for Captivate content to play in the same Virtual Machine as Flash content created using ActionScript 3.0?

A note in a 6/10 comment above says the patch will be released "end of next week". As that "next week" has passed, what's the current word? Thanks.

SF: should be up and running now

What version should it be under "About Captivate" to confirm the update was applied?

SF: You should see 589 in the about box

I tried downloading the trial version and everytime I click on the Record button, Adobe Captivate 3 shuts down.

Any idea what I can do? I am trying to download the trial so that my company can purchase at least 10 licenses as well as training.


Like Rick Stone above, the auto update does not recognise I have Captivate 3, is there a solution?

if it doesn't work from captivate try updating from other adobe products like acrobat, else use this direct URL