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Tip: Highlights, gray outs, and quick cover ups

Highlight boxes by default simply highlight a selected area. However, you can do more with them:

  • Create gray-out effects
  • Make quick fixes
  • Design basic backgrounds


Gray-Out Effect

Simply select Fill outer area to make your content pop and basically create a gray-out that helps your learners focus on a specific area on your screen. Ensure in the timeline that your caption is in a layer above your highlight box.


Quick Fixes

Adobe CaptivateYou can also successfully use highlight boxes to fix any problem areas. For example, I forgot to prep the presentation I captured and it shows the presenter names (see red box in image left). Instead of fixing the original content and recapturing or editing the image, I simply used a highlight box to cover up the area.

Frame width and transparency are set to 0 and using the color picker I get a perfect match of the background color.



To finish it up, I merge the highlight box into the background, which updates the image. If you think you might possibly need the original background, simply set the fade in/out to 0 instead of merging. That way, you always easily revert back by deleting the highlight box.


Basic Design

You can use highlight boxes for quick mock-ups and basic background designs. Simply play around with the colors and transparency settings.