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Trivia learning game on saving energy

Flash GameFlex Your Power, California's outreach campaign for energy efficiency, has a Flash-based trivia game on energy savings facts online.

I think it was completely created in Flash.

It would be cool to see games like this created in Adobe Captivate. This one is fairly simple since it's question based, has a game show background, and uses an animated character - all these pieces could be done in Adobe Captivate. Not sure though how to display the running score ...




Wow! Silke - I like the way you think.

I'm a flash game designer for a major media company and I've been reading Game Design Workshop, Second Edition: A Playcentric Approach to Creating Innovative Games which focuses on play testing games throughout the development process.

I've been looking into using captivate to easily create "playable" demos of our games before going to development in AS3.

I've downloaded the captivate demo but it's not running on my vista machine.. hope I can get it working this post gives me hope captivate may be a better solution than our current storyboard via power point process we currently use.