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Tip: Easily creating video for use in Adobe Captivate

Visual Communicator to easily create video blogs or instructional videoIf you are interested in easily creating videos and adding them to your eLearning content or Adobe Captivate projects, you may want to check out Visual Communicator 3 .

It's extremely easy to use and offers hundreds of customizable graphics, music clips, and special effects to create video presentations that look like a television newscast.

Check out the features or download the free trial of Visual Communicator. It's a very fun product - give it a shot and your coworkers won't believe you created such a video yourself :)

PS: Another option is to go with Vlog It! - It's based on Visual Communicator but designed for video blogging. And it's only $29.




Hi Silke,

I wanted to let you know so that perhaps you could pass on to your blog readers that I am posting Captivate audio-output settings comparisons. Basically with the goal of coming up with the best settings to use for the perfect balance of filesize-to-audio quality, for voiceovers.

Check out part one: www.elearninglive.com