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Tip: Easily localize your project

If you are planning to translate your projects into multiple languages, you can take advantage of some cool features in Adobe Captivate that can save you a lot of money.

Quick and dirty demos in another languagelanguages for autotext captions

Before you capture, you can choose the language for the automatic text captions. Simply select the language you need from the Advanced option in the recording dialog. You can also make changes to the default text or add your own autotext languages - simply check out the CaptureTextTemplates_xyz.rdl files in the C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Captivate 3 folder. This selection is only available before you start recording. To translate after the fact, follow the next steps. XLIFF export from adobe captivate

Full localization

Adobe Captivate offers XML output of your text in the XLIFF format, which is specifically used by localizers and their translation memory tools like Trados.

  1. Make a copy of your project and add the target language to the file name. E.g. if your English project is called "Test", call the copy "Test_Spanish"
  2. Export the text content to XML File > Export > To XML
  3. Have the XML file localized and import the text into the same project
    File > Import > From XML
  4. Check all your captions - some languages use very long words and the sizing or position might be off. Like German - Schaltfläche for button


Note: Text in text animations as well as text of questions inside question pools cannot be exported. So avoid text animations and have your questions translated before you move them into pools.




Great localization tip Silke!

As I read the note at the end I was thinking of a (possible)solution to localize content in existing question pools that need to be translated.

I think this solution would work in most cases?

1. open the project
2. save as "test_LANG"
3. Click the Edit Tab
4. Select the question pool in the accordion
5. Ctrl+A to select All
6. Crtl+C to copy all the question slides
7. Click Slides in the accordion
8. CTRL+V to paste them as slides in the project
9. return to the Question Pool
10. Delete the selected slides
11. Export to XML
12. Have it localized using your process
13. import XML to update questions, verify text boxes and captions
14. Select all the slides (w/o getting the random slides)
15. Crtl+C to copy the question slides
16. Return to the question pool and paste them.
17. Return to slides and delete highlighted slides.
18. Save the project.

Would this or a similar method work?