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August 28, 2008

Leaving on a World Trip

This will be my last blog entry for a year, because I am taking a personal leave of absence to travel the world!

Visiting Central and South America plus learning Spanish along the way has always been a dream. This dream is now coming true and tomorrow will be my last day at work - at least for a year. I'll be back - no worries.

You will be in good hands with Aunindo Ghosh (you can meet him at the Adobe Learning Summit), Marketing Manager for Director and now Adobe Captivate, and RJ Jacquez, our Senior Evangelist. Plus, you'll 'hear' from me soon - in September, we will be publishing a white paper I just wrote on eLearning going green with lots of tips and ideas for your department to adopt a sustainable strategy (once published, you'll find it on our Adobe eLearning page).

I also want to thank you - some of you have visited this blog whenever I posted new content. I loved receiving comments and suggestions and meeting some of you at conferences. I enjoy the elearning industry and will miss being in touch with you. There will definitely be lots to tell when I am back!

For new tips and tricks and product news, please subscribe to RJ's blog - he'll keep you updated of what's going on with Adobe eLearning.


See you in a year! ... or should I say - Hasta la vista ;)




August 27, 2008

New blog from our product evangelist

Adobe Sr. Product Evangelist RJ JacquezRJ Jacquez, our Sr. Product Evangelist, is now finally a blogger :) I have been bugging him for quite a while to blog, because RJ knows our products inside out and has lots of great ideas and many tips and tricks to share. Be sure to bookmark his blog - he'll let you know about upcoming betas, new eseminars, any promotional discount codes for our online store, events where he is speaking, and more. You'll be able to meet him in person at the Adobe Learning Summit, where he'll do several sessions, including the Sneak Peek session (hint: you'll get to see what's new in Adobe Captivate 4).



August 26, 2008

Tips on submitting videos in the Adobe eLearning Challenge

I uploaded a sample file to our contest and noticed that uploading works best in Firefox. If you have created Flash files for your learning content, you can easily convert those files into video using Sothink SWF to Video converter.

Make sure to use the conversion mode Interactive and uncheck Auto end capture at the last frame in the Capture Settings when using the converter. If your content has audio, you can capture that too by checking Record from current SWF file.

You may want to start recording your project where there is content on the screen - otherwise your entry will look like mine - it's just a red blob - the background color of my first slide. Once you play the video, you'll see the content fade in...



August 25, 2008

Adobe eLearning Challenge - Submit and you can win great prizes!

Adobe eLearning Challenge

How do you engage your learners?

Show us what you are doing with Adobe technology to engage your learners. Today, we launched our first contest to recognize learning professionals for the amazing content they create with our tools. You can enter the contest by submitting an avi screen recording of your content, a video of yourself about your use of our tools for eLearning, a screenshot image of your projects with a description, or a story how our tools helped you solve eLearning challenges.

The community will rate your entry and our team will select the winners from the top rated entries. When you submit, don't forget to tell your friends to vote for you (there is even a nifty way to include your entry in your MySpace Bulletins so your friends can vote).

The winners are invited to show their project at the Adobe Learning Summit and will also receive a full copy of CS3!

Enter the Adobe eLearning Challenge today!



August 22, 2008

Captivating! The Adobe Captivate Podcasts

Rick Zanotti's podcasts on Adobe Captivate

Rick Zanotti is doing a great job posting video podcasts on Adobe Captivate. Several episodes are already posted and cover topics from microphone tips to recording a movie. Rick also came down to San Diego to interview RJ, our Sr. Evangelist, and me. If you are a Mac user, you probably want to check out those interviews :)



August 21, 2008

Green Tip: Carbon footprint calculator for online meetings and virtual classrooms

Footprints Carbon Calculator for online meetings and virtual classroomsI just learned about the coolest carbon footprint calculator - it's a plugin to Acrobat Connect Pro that shows each attendee how much CO2 was saved. Just download the Footprints free trial and upload into a Connect share pod and you are ready to track.

Here is some more info from the website:

Footprints calculates the approximate location of each meeting attendee automatically based on their IP Address and uses this to determine how far they would have had to travel to the Host location if the meeting had not been held virtually. It then calculates the CO2 savings as well as the financial savings that have been generated as a result of using an Adobe Connect Pro Meeting. Footprints is fully customizable - pick your corporate colors for the theme and include your corporate logo on the pod to show how serious your organization is about reducing its Carbon Footprint. Attendees see their personal savings for this event, the collective savings for the entire meeting and a running tally of the total savings your organization has generated across all meetings that included Footprints.

Thanks Chris for sending along!



August 20, 2008

Adobe Captivate Masters Class October 6-10, 2008

Just heard there is going to be another Adobe Captivate Masters Class by Lodestone. This time it's going to be in Charlotte, NC the week of October 6-10. Learn more about the masters class.

I attended the first Masters class in New York and wrote a little review. A class like this is also a great way to prep for the Adobe Certified Expert exam.



August 18, 2008

Sneak Peek of Adobe Captivate 4 at Adobe Learning Summit Nov 10

I am getting questions on the main new features in Adobe Captivate 4 - we can't talk about them yet but we are going to have a special Sneak Peek session at the Adobe Learning Summit. You can register already at www.adobe.com/go/als



The Details:


  • When: November 10, 2008 – 8:30AM to 6:00PM 
  • Where: The San Jose Fairmont Hotel, plus cocktail reception at Adobe Headquarters!

The Adobe Learning Summit is co located with the eLearning Guild's DevLearn conference November 11-14. There are tons of sessions there on Adobe Captivate including a workshop. We also have several team members from product management and marketing attend this conference. You'll have a unique chance to talk to them about your feature needs - keep an eye out for Aunindo, Tridib, Shreeram, and Shameer :)



August 14, 2008

Adobe Captivate 4 BETA coming soon

Complete the Adobe Captivate 4 prerelease interest form and you might be selected to participate in the betaThe engineering team is busy working on Adobe Captivate 4 and the beta is going to start soon. We need testers with many different backgrounds and system configurations for trying the new features and providing feedback (you don't have to be an existing user to participate).

If you are interested in helping us finding any bugs and providing feedback, please complete the:

Prerelease Interest Form

FYI: If you are selected as a participant, you will be contacted when we start the prerelease program.



August 13, 2008

Adobe Captivate Product Management Blog

The Adobe Captivate Product Management team just started a blog - check it out :)

August 8, 2008

Green Tip: Let elearners telecommute

If you have a learning management system (LMS), you can take advantage of its tracking features in a way that helps reduce the learning carbon footprint. Allow learners to take the training from home - you know when they are online and if they accessed or passed the course. Does it really matter if they 'elearn' from home or from work? Plus, it could have a very positive impact on learners who have to commute long distances. Telecommuting helps the environment and gives employees more control over their life, especially if they are given a choice. It doesn't work for everyone, but when it's possible, it can make a difference.


August 6, 2008

Top 10 Green Blogs

We have an internal sustainability email list at Adobe for informal discussions and sharing. I asked members what green blogs they read. With the responses and my own favorite blogs, I came up with a list of 10 blogs that cover many sustainable topics. To get started thinking about sustainable practices around your eLearning, take a look at these blogs and the additional links they offer:

  • Treehugger - is probably still the most widely read/known green blog covering all kinds of topics from general environmental issues to legislation and new technologies.
  • Environmental Graffiti - has topics from toilet trees to the terror blob in Venezuela! They also posted the top 10 environmental blogs online last year - you'll see several of the blogs listed here.
  • ecogeek - is a great blog covering a lot of technology and business.
  • Cleantech Blog - mostly covers clean technologies and next gen energy.
  • Worldchanging.com - offers articles and daily blog entries on issues, progress and initiatives worldwide.
  • inhabitat.com - has a design focus and unique stories you might not find anywhere else.
  • Environment360 - detailed reports, opinions, analyses, and interviews (you can listen to the one Michael Pollan) by the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies.
  • Triplepundit - offers a wide range of topics and has some great nuggets. They just wrote about Go Green Tube for green videos.
  • Homegrown Evolution - not so much of a business blog but helpful for you at home with tips on gardening and sustainable micro-farming.
  • Green Car Congress - is about mobility and mostly new car related technologies. Might be helpful for your trainers that have to drive a lot.


Also check out Environmental News Network and ClimateBiz - both getting you the latest news in the field.GreenBiz.com's newsletter GreenBuzz

I recommend signing up for GreenBiz.com's newsletter called GreenBuzz.


Please post your own favorite green sites and blogs in the comments.

Thanks Jeff, Chris, and Rob for sending your favorites.



Tip: Catchy electronic Portfolios

Acrobat PortfoliosYou can create digital portfolios easily with Acrobat 9. You can include pretty much any documents and also multimedia including audio, video and even your Adobe Captivate .swf files. The portfolios have a very professional look based on customizable templates and you end up with a single file you can easily distribute.

>> Watch a demo of the portfolio feature

Or watch a more comprehensive OnDemand eseminar (Acrobat 9: Share Your Ideas or Enhanced ePortfolios for education using Adobe Acrobat 9).

Educators might also want to review our edu pages for ideas on using the Acrobat portfolios in the classroom. Portfolios are a great way for students to collect and submit all their work of the semester and for educators to assess and comment.