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Top 10 Green Blogs

We have an internal sustainability email list at Adobe for informal discussions and sharing. I asked members what green blogs they read. With the responses and my own favorite blogs, I came up with a list of 10 blogs that cover many sustainable topics. To get started thinking about sustainable practices around your eLearning, take a look at these blogs and the additional links they offer:

  • Treehugger - is probably still the most widely read/known green blog covering all kinds of topics from general environmental issues to legislation and new technologies.
  • Environmental Graffiti - has topics from toilet trees to the terror blob in Venezuela! They also posted the top 10 environmental blogs online last year - you'll see several of the blogs listed here.
  • ecogeek - is a great blog covering a lot of technology and business.
  • Cleantech Blog - mostly covers clean technologies and next gen energy.
  • Worldchanging.com - offers articles and daily blog entries on issues, progress and initiatives worldwide.
  • inhabitat.com - has a design focus and unique stories you might not find anywhere else.
  • Environment360 - detailed reports, opinions, analyses, and interviews (you can listen to the one Michael Pollan) by the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies.
  • Triplepundit - offers a wide range of topics and has some great nuggets. They just wrote about Go Green Tube for green videos.
  • Homegrown Evolution - not so much of a business blog but helpful for you at home with tips on gardening and sustainable micro-farming.
  • Green Car Congress - is about mobility and mostly new car related technologies. Might be helpful for your trainers that have to drive a lot.


Also check out Environmental News Network and ClimateBiz - both getting you the latest news in the field.GreenBiz.com's newsletter GreenBuzz

I recommend signing up for GreenBiz.com's newsletter called GreenBuzz.


Please post your own favorite green sites and blogs in the comments.

Thanks Jeff, Chris, and Rob for sending your favorites.