August 18, 2008

Sneak Peek of Adobe Captivate 4 at Adobe Learning Summit Nov 10

I am getting questions on the main new features in Adobe Captivate 4 - we can't talk about them yet but we are going to have a special Sneak Peek session at the Adobe Learning Summit. You can register already at



The Details:


  • When: November 10, 2008 – 8:30AM to 6:00PM 
  • Where: The San Jose Fairmont Hotel, plus cocktail reception at Adobe Headquarters!

The Adobe Learning Summit is co located with the eLearning Guild's DevLearn conference November 11-14. There are tons of sessions there on Adobe Captivate including a workshop. We also have several team members from product management and marketing attend this conference. You'll have a unique chance to talk to them about your feature needs - keep an eye out for Aunindo, Tridib, Shreeram, and Shameer :)



August 14, 2008

Adobe Captivate 4 BETA coming soon

Complete the Adobe Captivate 4 prerelease interest form and you might be selected to participate in the betaThe engineering team is busy working on Adobe Captivate 4 and the beta is going to start soon. We need testers with many different backgrounds and system configurations for trying the new features and providing feedback (you don't have to be an existing user to participate).

If you are interested in helping us finding any bugs and providing feedback, please complete the:

Prerelease Interest Form

FYI: If you are selected as a participant, you will be contacted when we start the prerelease program.



August 13, 2008

Adobe Captivate Product Management Blog

The Adobe Captivate Product Management team just started a blog - check it out :)

July 10, 2008

Tip: Create accessible (508) content with Adobe Captivate

Not too many people know about this: Adobe Captivate offers many accessibility features to make your eLearning content Section 508 compliant and we have a page on our site that provides info about

  • the available functionality to make content accessible
  • an FAQ
  • demos on adding descriptions and closed captioning
  • best practices
  • and access to our Accessibility Resource Center.

Find out more: Adobe Captivate Accessibility



June 6, 2008

Adobe Captivate 3 Update available

In support of the Acrobat Connect Pro launch, we have published a patch for Adobe Captivate 3. To find out what's in this update, take a look at our Developer Center article Integrating Adobe Captivate more tightly with Acrobat Connect Pro using the new Adobe Captivate patch.


You can install the patch automatically via the Adobe Update Manager. Simply go to Help > Updates ...


May 22, 2008

Meet with Product Management in the Bay Area next week

Our product management team will travel to San Francisco next week and will also spend time on community outreach. We would like to:

  • meet up with Adobe Captivate users in the area to find out how we’re doing for you,
  • understand your key requirements in eLearning in the near future,
  • discuss how some of our products could help address those.

If you are in the San Francisco area and interested in meeting with our team, please respond by commenting to this blog entry and I'll forward your comment with your contact information to our Product Manager Shameer, who will get in touch with you asap.

Be prepared to sign a Non-disclosure Agreement - You might find out what's coming in Adobe Captivate 4.



May 21, 2008

Adobe Captivate wins CODiE Award

Last night, the CODiE 2008 award winners were announced in San Francisco and Adobe Captivate won Best Corporate Learning Solution in the education category. We also had Acrobat Connect Pro win Best Collaboration Solution and ColdFusion in Best Web Services Solution.

I am very excited that we won these awards and especially for Adobe Captivate it shows how far we have come from a simple screen recording utility to the 'best-of-best' eLearning authoring tool. Please keep your feature requests coming so we can push the product to a whole new level.

Find out more in the InfoWorld article about the CODiE awards.



May 20, 2008

Educational pricing for Adobe Captivate

Adobe Education Solutions PageBased on some comments I have received, it seems to be difficult to find our educational pricing. We have a great section on our website completely dedicated to education and it includes the educational store which offers the special pricing for those that qualify.

The Adobe Captivate 3 educational price is $249 and you can benefit from your licensing program with your specific discount level. In addition, we offer special High Volume pricing (please contact your sales rep).

Additional resources:



May 15, 2008

Adobe Captivate 3 Certification Exam now available

The Adobe Certification to be an Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) in Adobe Captivate 3 is now available. Adobe certification is an industry standard of excellence, and it's the absolute best way to communicate your proficiency in leading products from Adobe. Plus it's a great way to differentiate yourself from the competition as an eLearning service provider or consultant.

An exam prep guide can be accessed on our website, where you'll also find registration information.



March 6, 2008

Jolt Awards: Adobe Captivate is Productivity Winner



Last night, Adobe Captivate was announced a Jolt Awards Productivity Winner in the Utilities Category. The Jolt Product Excellence Award in Web Development went to ColdFusion. With 5 finalists total and several winners, it was a big night for Adobe.

Working hard on these products every day, those kind of awards are wonderful for the teams since they show the value of our products in the market.

Thank you users and judges :)

All Jolt Award Winners

March 5, 2008

ASTD TechKnowledge Notes



Last week I spent in San Antonio to attend the ASTD TechKnowledge 2008 conference. I really enjoyed the opening session by David Pogue (I was really impressed how he handled a keynote speaker's biggest nightmare - fried hard drive before a presentation) - it was quite entertaining.

We offered several hands-on sessions on Adobe Presenter, Technical Communication Suite, and of course Adobe Captivate. (comment/blog from an attendee)

The Adobe Captivate sessions were packed every time - if you weren't able to attend or had trouble following along, you can download the basic step-by-step document I created and simply try creating a project 'at home'. Just play with it and have fun.

Download free 30-day trial of Adobe Captivate

The easiest way to start learning Adobe Captivate are the built in tutorials on the start page and you can always check out our online recorded sessions and live eseminars: Rapid eLearning Made Easy .

PS: If you tried to attend today's eseminar, please re-register for the next - I made a scheduling mistake and we are working to make up for it.

February 12, 2008

Adobe Captivate is a CODiE Finalist 'squared' ;)

Ben Forta beat me to blogging about it since ColdFusion is a finalist in the category "Best Web Services Solution" :)

Adobe Captivate is nominated in two categories this year:

Best Corporate Learning Solution
Best Education Technology Solution for Productivity/Creativity

Acrobat Connect, with which Adobe Captivate integrates (see the Captivate - Connect integration page) and which allows actual interactivity inside a virtual classroom for all participants at the same time, is nomiated in "Best Collaboration Solution". If you haven't experienced Connect, I highly recommend - and I don't just say it because I work for Adobe. All our eseminars are conducted inside Acrobat Connect. Just the other week I tried to do a presentation using the customer's internal tool and we ended up using Connect after spending 2 hours trying to figure out the other tool - Acrobat Connect is super easy, doesn't need a special plugin to attend, it's smooth for the presenter and an awesome, highly interactive experience for the attendee.

Check out the entire list of CODiE award finalists.

Now we just have to wait until May ...

November 20, 2007

Looking for case studies

We are looking for new case studies around Adobe Captivate to publish early next year. The last one we published was WebAssist - take a look so you get an idea what's involved. The work is really on our side and we write everything up after interviewing you.

If you have a success story you can share, please add a comment to my blog with a basic overview of:

- the problem you were faced with
- why you chose Adobe Captivate (and potentially other tools in combination with it)
- what the outcome was
- a link to your website
- your contact info
- the country you are in

I'll forward your comments to our PR team who will make a selection. I will not publish these comments unless you make a note that it's ok to share as part of the blog. Looking forward to hearing from you!

I often also refer to case studies in my presentations - might be your 15min of fame! :)
And as a result of a great case study, you might find yourself in a video like this one.

PS: Talking about your experiences with Adobe Captivate - Amazon has been updated and we also have our feature tour on YouTube. Just search for "Adobe Captivate" and rate or comment.

November 16, 2007

Need Adobe Captivate experts for hire

I have received a comment from a reader:

Can you point me towards designers who are experts in Adobe Captivate 3? I want to hire someone to do a project for me.

If you are an expert interested in project opportunities, please submit a comment with your complete contact info, a link to your website, and a link to an Adobe Captivate example.

I get questions like this all the time but have answers limited to the consultants or service providers I personally know. And I know there are a lot more experts out there :)

November 8, 2007

Adobe Summit - Day 1

Keynote at Adobe eLearning SummitThe Adobe Summit today was kicked off by Ellen's keynote with Naresh Gupta , our SVP, calling in from India in the middle of the night on a holiday! It was a great start of a very special conference to us since it's the first eLearning Conference that Adobe is holding.

Ellen also showed a video of our customers talking about our tools - Watch the video.

The Adobe Captivate Tips & Tricks session was quite packed and I was lucky to have RJ Jacquez join us, the Technical Communication Suite and eLearning evangelist. I learned quite a bit from his part of the presentation. Not covered in the PPT is his tip on changing the standard.htm file (found in C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Captivate 3\Templates\Publish) which changes your published HTML file. I'll ask him to start a blog to explain it.
RoboHelp and FrameMaker are great tools for eLearning and several people were asking about the eseminars we offer - I recommend: Bring your Information to Life with 3D and Adobe® Captivate® 3 in the new Technical Communication Suite! - it's free, it's live and RJ will be presenting.

Right now I am in the executive panel session on technology road maps and it looks like attendees are interested in Flash Lite output (mobile important for about 5-7 ppl), standards support, video (1/3rd in the room develop video and several people want to do more than 50% of their content as video), a YouTube Learning type site (I rather would personally see a service like Adobe Share to turn into that - Share has the benefit of supporting interactive content so I think it's a bit more practical than a pure video service), collaboration (important for all).

Heading off to our reception ...

PS: If you leave a comment, please include a real name/address.

October 12, 2007

What's your favorite feature?

Adobe Captivate 3 has been available for a couple of months now and we'd like to know, which of the new features are the most important to you. Please vote below.

October 11, 2007

Adobe Captivate won two new awards



How exciting! This week Adobe Captivate won two new awards!

Technology & Learning 2007 Award of Excellence Legacy Award and a Business Software Satisfaction Award in the UK.


We win product awards and you can win project awards :) If you want chances to win with your content, you might still be able to sign up for DemoFest at DevLearn.

August 30, 2007

New 'secret' features in Adobe Captivate 3


When releasing a new version, we typically focus on the big new features with the website or eseminars. Yet, there are a ton of other enhancements and changes that can make your authoring a lot easier. So here are a few of these 'secret' new features:

FTP settings in Adobe Captivate 3Multiple FTP options: In CP3, you can define multiple FTP options that are retained. You can have a test FTP server and a Live FTP server.

Export project preferences You can easily share your project settings with others or reuse with another project.

LMS Bookmarking will now work on non interactive slides. A project does not require to have an interactive object for bookmarking the progress. Typical scenario: a demonstration capture or an information type slide.

Sending results via Email Body or as attachment. You can choose to send their results in the email body or as attachment. The attachment can be open in notepad.

Question slide buttons can be customized in CP3. One can set them as image button or set any other button properties.

Adding a text animtion for typing textReplace typing object with editable Text Animation In CP3, we have a text animation with a typing effect so if you made a mistake during the capture, it's easy to fix without having to rerecord.

Autosize button Buttons now autosize to the text, so you don't have to manually drag the edges to size.

Adobe Captivate text entry box optionsRetain text option in Text Entry Box There is an option added in text entry box dialog which will allow you to retain the text or always start with blank/default when a user goes back in a simulation and returns to a slide with a text entry box.

FMR (Full Motion Recording) configuration files You can set preferences for full motion recording using the FMRConsts.ini file located in the Adobe Captivate installation folder. Search for FMRConsts in the online help.

Re-recording Script can be edited If you use the re-recording functionality (currently limited to capturing IE6), you change the step by step script. Search for re-recording script in the online help.

Text Caption Property File - I haven't even played with this one myself so I don't really have more info on it yet ...

August 10, 2007

Step-by-Step Workbook Updated for Adobe Captivate 3


Adobe Captivate 3 work book with CDLearn the basics of using Adobe Captivate 3 with the updated version of Kevin Siegel's step-by-step workbook. Essentials of Adobe Captivate 3 is currently the only book (with practice exercises and CD-Rom) that covers the new version and will give you a solid introduction to the product. The book has been updated to include the new features and is available for preorder - I believe it's nearly finished and just needs to get printed.

Here is a discount coupon code so you can save 15% in the entire IconLogic store:

mulgen15ad21140 (This is for only, not the Adobe store)


July 31, 2007

Lots of questions

We had our first Adobe Captivate 3 eseminar today and it was sold out. We had so many questions at the end that it was impossible to keep up for 2 people even though we kept answering for another 15 min after the session ended.

I tried to collect some of the questions and provide responses here (questions are in no particular order):

Questions regarding upgrading after recently purchasing Adobe Captivate 2
See Post-announce upgrade policy

Continue reading "Lots of questions" »

July 30, 2007

Adobe Captivate 3 - Trial now available

The day you have been waiting for - our trial version is now available in the Adobe Downloads section. The trial has the full functionality and will run for 30 days.

Have fun trying out all the new features and if you want to see them in action first hand, sign up for an eseminar. There is one coming up tomorrow morning and I'll actually present :) That one is sold out but we have several more coming up soon.

FYI: We are very very close to start shipping as well so at this point it's not possible to purchase Adobe Captivate 2 anymore.

Note: Although the full product will run on Windows 2000, the trial is not available for that OS.

July 27, 2007

Education Leaders Institute 2007 & Feature Requests

The Education group at Adobe has invited me to speak at the summer institute where the Adobe Education Leaders are invited to meet, learn, mingle (and party - and they do it well!) My session was brief and I showed some examples including the podcast, a softskills simulation, and a quiz and also some of the new features. Several questions and feature requests were raised and I encourage you to submit your own requests. Adobe Captivate 3 is done and we are planning for version 4 - this is the perfect time to submit! Please include sample scenarios where/under what circumstance you would want a particular feature and why.

Among the many requests, I also heard avi output or a way to create DVDs so you can play content on TV. Is anyone doing this right now somehow with Adobe Captivate content and maybe another tool (e.g. convert using sothink's tools)?

I was also asked about game templates ... we do have a basic Jeopardy style game in the Adobe Exchange that was created by a user. Did anyone create another game with Adobe Captivate yet?

I'd love to see your examples ...

July 25, 2007

Need to buy Adobe Captivate 2 still?

Just heard that some users have trouble buying Adobe Captivate 2 - it's not available anymore directly through the online store for order but we have a phone number up on our online store page

Need to order previous version?
Please call 1-800-833-6687

It's a simple phone call to get version 2 shipped to you. Until you get your shipment, you can use the trial version.

Also, if you purchase Adobe Captivate 2 within a certain grace period after version 3 has been announced (after 7/23/07), you are entitled to receive an upgrade to version 3. There are rules and regulations around that you have to follow - best is to contact customer service once version 3 starts shipping.

July 23, 2007

Announcing Adobe Captivate 3!


Today we announced the new version of Adobe Captivate - and I am extremely excited! A lot of work and preparations went into this release and we had heard lots of great feedback from our beta testers about the new features. There are even already a first product reviews published: CRN and InformationWeek

The core new functionality revolves around efficiency with multi-mode recording and automatic rerecording (for web apps like SAP for example), effectiveness with randomized quizzes, shuffled answers and question pools, and engaging content with new rollover slidelets and PowerPoint import with animations!

Before I replicate our entire new website in my blog, I better provide you with some links ;)

I hope my blog is wide enough to display the little game our team created with the new version.

Have fun and enjoy Adobe Captivate 3

May 8, 2007

Adobe Captivate 3 will run on Vista

I keep getting questions from customers and sales if Adobe Captivate 3 will support Windows Vista.

The answer is yes :) and I am waiting for the support PDF to be updated with this info. Until that happens (might be a little while since our web team is focusing on our cool CS3 launch), I figure I simply blog to get the word out.

We are currently actively testing Adobe Captivate 3 Beta on Vista. Less then 10% of our beta testers are running Vista - so if you are not yet on our beta and you'd like to help us test Adobe Captivate on Vista, please complete our beta survey.

May 2, 2007

Looking for beta testers for Adobe Captivate 3

We are currently looking for people interested in testing the upcoming Adobe Captivate 3 beta version. We are going to select several hundred testers - if you are interested, please complete our survey by Thursday 5/3/07.

We are going to choose a wide variety of users with different backgrounds, organizations, projects, product experience, teams, etc.
It's going to be a great opportunity to provide feedback on our new feature sets.

April 16, 2007

15% Discount on Adobe Captivate 2 (full and upgrades)

Starting today we have a limited time discount offer for North America. You can save 15% until June 1st when you buy a full or upgrade license of Adobe Captivate 2.

Adobe Store Promotion Code: 15offCPTV2007

Terms and Conditions

March 22, 2007

Adobe Captivate wins productivity Jolt award in utility category

Wow - I just saw a press release where the Jolt winners were announced and it looks like we won! This is fantastic :)

15. Utilities
Jolt Winner:
VMware Lab Manager (VMware)
Productivity Winners:
Adobe Captivate 2 (Adobe)
ElectricCommander (Electric Cloud)
Textmate (MacroMates)

The Jolt awards mean a lot in the software development field and Adobe Captivate can be used in many different ways by software developers. Here are just a few:
- demo new features (this is the obvious one)
- prototype new functionality and usability test without writing a single line of code (create mock images, drop them into Adobe Captivate, add interactivity, and show to users to see if they like or can use the feature or don't)
- use it for QA: if you have ever done QA or a beta test, you know that some testers report a bug like this "application crashed" - well, what really happened? Did it freeze? Was there an error message? What did the user actually do? Just have testers use Adobe Captivate and they can record the bugs and send them to the developers. No more ambiguity or long email conversations to figure out what happened.

Plus, you can use Adobe Captivate to enhance your Robohelp online help system.

February 27, 2007

Adobe Captivate content on video iPods

Recently a customer asked me how to get Adobe Captivate SWF files onto a video iPod which got me to play with Adobe Captivate and, guess what, a video iPod :)

Adobe Captivate content has been used for m-learning in the past: for Pocket PCs since RoboDemo days - it's an easy implementation since there is a Flash Player available for Pocket PCs. You can also easily export audio in MP3 format for podcast use.
Some portable video players also support the Flash Player natively, however, most of these devices are designed to watch movies and not for interactive learning content. Yet, I found a very simple way to turn Adobe Captivate files into a passive movie - I just published a developer center article on how to do this.

I was using the Sothink SWF to Video Converter and Sothink offers Adobe Captivate users a $10 discount (for a limited period of time only).

PS: To convert Adobe Captivate content to Flash Lite content, read this article.

February 19, 2007

New Adobe Captivate 2 online courses

Kevin Siegel just let me know that his Adobe Captivate 2 courses are available online now. And, as a reader of my blog, you even get a 20% discount. Simply use this code 8t1dk on his site


November 20, 2006

Vote for the best of 2006

Do you like Adobe Captivate as much as I do? If yes, why not vote for it! eLearning! magazine invites you to vote for the best of elearning solution providers 2006.
If you vote for Adobe Captivate, don't forget it's not just a simulation tool but it's used heavily for IT content and, new, soft skills.

November 6, 2006

Adobe Captivate wins Brandon-Hall award

I took a few days off without blogging - and can now finally blog about our win since I see the official winner's list for the Brandon-Hall Excellence in eLearning Awards posted.
And it's exciting - Adobe Captivate 2 won silver in the Learning Technology Category, only a few weeks after shipping! I developed an online piece for the judges early this year with an alpha version and the time and effort was well worth it. The team has done a great job building an award-winning product.

Now I am interested in seeing award winning content created with Adobe Captivate. Please let me know if your learning content (especially if it's created w/ version 2) has received any awards. There are many places where you can submit: Brandon-Hall, ASTD, STC, etc.

October 5, 2006

Adobe Captivate 2 Shipping!!!

Wow - the day I have been working for for 2 years has finally come. We started shipping Adobe Captivate 2 today. That means the free 30-day trial version is live on the site for download :)
PS: The international versions will be available in a few weeks.

October 4, 2006

Adobe Captivate Exchange

Here is a special heads up for my blog readers. Tomorrow we will officially launch the Adobe Captivate Exchange. Since I have to start uploading content for the launch, the exchange has to be live - that means you can already use it today and start uploading content yourself before our public announce.

The Adobe Captivate exchange is designed to share templates, media files, custom playback controls, special projects such as games, etc. I uploaded a sample scenario-based project for Adobe Captivate 2 as well as some images of models showing different facial expressions. You can freely use these images with any of your content. I am also uploading a jeopardy style game developed in Adobe Captivate by Paul Clothier last year for MAX.

For those of you new to the exchange and how to upload your own files to share, simply check out the little demo I created.

Happy sharing!

September 15, 2006


In preparation for the PENS Plugfest (part of the AICC meeting) next week in Vancouver, Tom King has prepared a demo that shows how to use the new PENS feature in Adobe Captivate 2. This new specification makes publishing content to an LMS much easier.

September 5, 2006

Announcing: Adobe Captivate 2

I am excited to let you know that we just announced Adobe Captivate 2. Click here for the press release. The day we all have been waiting for has come!
Adobe branding, tons of new features, and a new direction for the product make it the biggest release so far. For the first time, we are branching out of the niche of software training and screenrecording and provide functionality that takes the product to a whole new level.
In the new version, anyone (and that includes non-programmers like me) can author scenario-based training. Now, it's easy to develop the complete training for call center agents for example: you can combine the soft-skills training with the technical simulations - all within one tool and without having to learn Flash!

And for those of you who like podcasting, check out the commentary about the new release by Ellen Wagner (Podcast with closed captioning created with Adobe Captivate 2).

There are many ways to use Adobe Captivate 2 - be creative and have fun!

Continue reading "Announcing: Adobe Captivate 2" »

May 18, 2006

Update on Adobe Captivate

I'd like to follow up on the comments to my first post in this blog - What's the status on Macromedia Captivate?

Especially after the Adobe acquisition, I have received this question a lot.
Although I can't provide any release time frame, I can tell you that we are currently in beta with Adobe Captivate 2 (our next release - the current version is Macromedia Captivate). The beta is full at this time and we have received some great feedback already! I am extremely excited about the upcoming release - our first release with the Adobe branding and there are some amazing new features! The teams have been working on it hard and while I can't talk about the individual features, Jen deHaan has listed some here after attending my presentation at the sneak peek session at MAX last year. You can also find another write up (with pictures) of the sneak peeks in general in our Developer Center.

The preparations for the release are in full force - so please forgive me if one your emails gets buried in my huge pile of things to do!

Keep checking back and who knows, I might be able to tell you more the closer we get to the release ;)

PS: Haven't figure out yet how to respond to comments so I am updating the blog - Export to Flash 8 will be available and the functionality has been improved. We will also support multiple Flash Player formats.

May 12, 2006

Learning Captivate - Online Training Course

Kevin Siegel, one of our advisory board members and author of Essentials of Macromedia Captivate just published a 3 hour online course on learning the basics of Macromedia Captivate! I believe it's only $95 for all 30-40 interactive lessons and they are of course all created with Macromedia Captivate :)

You can access the course at or

With this special coupon code, you can even receive a 20% discount: 8t1dk

Feel free to tell friends and coworkers about this - as far as I know it's the first online course available on learning Macromedia Captivate and it's probably the fastest way to learn the basics. Hope you enjoy it and thanks Kevin, for creating it!