August 25, 2008

Adobe eLearning Challenge - Submit and you can win great prizes!

Adobe eLearning Challenge

How do you engage your learners?

Show us what you are doing with Adobe technology to engage your learners. Today, we launched our first contest to recognize learning professionals for the amazing content they create with our tools. You can enter the contest by submitting an avi screen recording of your content, a video of yourself about your use of our tools for eLearning, a screenshot image of your projects with a description, or a story how our tools helped you solve eLearning challenges.

The community will rate your entry and our team will select the winners from the top rated entries. When you submit, don't forget to tell your friends to vote for you (there is even a nifty way to include your entry in your MySpace Bulletins so your friends can vote).

The winners are invited to show their project at the Adobe Learning Summit and will also receive a full copy of CS3!

Enter the Adobe eLearning Challenge today!



August 20, 2008

Adobe Captivate Masters Class October 6-10, 2008

Just heard there is going to be another Adobe Captivate Masters Class by Lodestone. This time it's going to be in Charlotte, NC the week of October 6-10. Learn more about the masters class.

I attended the first Masters class in New York and wrote a little review. A class like this is also a great way to prep for the Adobe Certified Expert exam.



August 18, 2008

Sneak Peek of Adobe Captivate 4 at Adobe Learning Summit Nov 10

I am getting questions on the main new features in Adobe Captivate 4 - we can't talk about them yet but we are going to have a special Sneak Peek session at the Adobe Learning Summit. You can register already at



The Details:


  • When: November 10, 2008 – 8:30AM to 6:00PM 
  • Where: The San Jose Fairmont Hotel, plus cocktail reception at Adobe Headquarters!

The Adobe Learning Summit is co located with the eLearning Guild's DevLearn conference November 11-14. There are tons of sessions there on Adobe Captivate including a workshop. We also have several team members from product management and marketing attend this conference. You'll have a unique chance to talk to them about your feature needs - keep an eye out for Aunindo, Tridib, Shreeram, and Shameer :)



July 7, 2008

Call for proposals for ASTD International 2009 - Deadline 7/15

ASTD is looking for speakers for the next international conference in Washington D.C. in May 31-June 3, 2009. It's a great way of showing what you have accomplished with Adobe Captivate. Here is more info if you are interested in submitting:

The deadline for submission for 2009 conference proposals is July 15, 2008.

We are also announcing a new resource to help you navigate the proposal submission process--a video located on the main Request for Proposals (RFP) page at the above link.

1. Submissions are accepted online only between 6/13--7/15/08.

2. There are three steps:

  • Speaker selection/entry;
  • proposal details entry (title, description, etc.);
  • and speaker reference selection/entry. 

3. You must create your proposal in advance using Word or other word processing software and then enter each section in the appropriate field in the template. Be sure you have all required information assembled per the Checklist.

4. Be sure that your proposal matches the requested topics and shows clear application of the content to the participants' jobs.

5. Written instructions are provided for each step as well as a document of instructions with screen shots which you may print.

6. Once you submit, you will see a screen confirmation of successful submission. Please print this screen for your records; it is the only  confirmation you will receive.

7. You may modify a submitted proposal until the deadline of July 15, 2008. 

8. Be sure to update your profile online if your email address or other information changes so that we can notify you.

Please note that all speakers will receive an email notification by 10/31/08 if the proposal has been selected or declined.

>> Submit your proposal



June 16, 2008

Adobe Captivate Masters Class Review

Lodestone Adobe Certified Training Partner Logo

Last week I attended several sessions of the Adobe Masters Class by our certified training partner Lodestone Digital .

Lodestone master class posterI was very impressed with the agenda, the organization, the instruction and the class in general. Attendees came from all types of organizations including pharmaceutical, software training, entertainment, and a sporting goods store chain. The class size was kept small so every attendee could get their questions answered and receive individual attention when necessary.

Student files were developed for every lesson and Lodestone Digital even developed a fictional grocery store chain for all the sample content including templates, logo, images, and videos. The comprehensive training manual provides detailed step-by-step procedures with screenshots and many explanations, shortcuts, and tips.

Unlike most software instruction, this hands-on class is not simply feature-by-feature instruction but provides the foundation for creating effective eLearning with Adobe Captivate. It covers best practices for styles and templates, general workflows and even the ADDIE process for Adobe Captivate development. Greenscreen setup for video shootingIt also goes above and beyond when it comes to workflows - I enjoyed how Josh had a green screen setup arranged to learn about shooting video with transparent backgrounds to then use inside Adobe Captivate. Attendees then could work with video and create their own using Visual Communicator. Take a closer look at the sessions.

In addition to the class, Lodestone offered a full and memorable experience with organized evening events throughout the week. Other than the receptions and the musical, the highlight of the week was the Captivate after Dark event, where Captain CaptivateCaptain Captivate appeared in person to provide a sneak peek of some of the new features in Adobe Captivate 4 (NDA was required). The oohhhs and aaaahs showed we are moving into the right direction with the next version.

The secret of the Captain can't be revealed but Captain Captivate is starting a blog with tips & tricks. It was recommended I show up as "FlashGirl" next time ... hmmmm ... I'll think about it.

I highly recommend this class for anyone new to Adobe Captivate or with basic experience. This class will help you master Adobe Captivate and I am sure you'll be well prepared for the Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) exam. Other attendees also said "This class is great" "I learned so much" "Fantastic".

"I really enjoyed the Captivate Masters Week that Josh taught. Josh is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about Captivate and Adobe in general - which was great!" - Scott

Please check the Lodestone website for new class times and locations. I believe the next one will be in Charlotte, NC.


Thank you Josh, Mark, and Aimee! You have been wonderful and have done a great job setting up a well organized class.



June 9, 2008

V-Learning: The Skills Needed for Success in Today's Real World

My co-worker Ellen Wagner has given a session V-Learning: The Skills Needed for Success in Today's Real World at the Innovations in eLearning Symposium last week. There is a great summary on this blog: In the Middle of the Curve.



May 27, 2008

Edu sessions at MAX - tell us what you'd like to see

Our education team would like to offer specific sessions for educators at MAX 2008 which is held in San Francisco the week after the Adobe Summit & eLearning Guild - Great opportunity to attend all 3 events within 2 weeks.

To tailer the edu track to your needs, we have a quick survey where you can give us feedback:

Complete Survey for EDU Track at MAX



May 23, 2008

DevLearn and Adobe Learning Summit - November 2008

DevLearn Conference - Learning in a Web 2.0 world

The DevLearn08 Conference is now open for registration - it's going to be a great event and we partnered again this year with the eLearning Guild to provide the Adobe Learning Summit.

FYI: If you register before June 27th, you can get a $200 discount on the DevLearn registration.


Adobe Learning Summit

During the Adobe Learning Summit, you'll have the chance to meet with product managers and evangelists from our core eLearning tools. There will also be sessions where customers are telling their stories. And there are two things I look forward to most: the reception at Adobe Headquarters and a sneak peek session by RJ Jacquez, our Sr. Product Evangelist, who is already excited about it.

He'll have many neat new things to show you there :-)

You can register for both events at the same time and save. If you register before June 27th, you can take advantage of the super early registration discount of $50 for the Adobe Learning Summit. We look forward seeing you at the conference.



May 22, 2008

Meet with Product Management in the Bay Area next week

Our product management team will travel to San Francisco next week and will also spend time on community outreach. We would like to:

  • meet up with Adobe Captivate users in the area to find out how we’re doing for you,
  • understand your key requirements in eLearning in the near future,
  • discuss how some of our products could help address those.

If you are in the San Francisco area and interested in meeting with our team, please respond by commenting to this blog entry and I'll forward your comment with your contact information to our Product Manager Shameer, who will get in touch with you asap.

Be prepared to sign a Non-disclosure Agreement - You might find out what's coming in Adobe Captivate 4.



May 16, 2008

Adobe Captivate and Flash workshops at DevCon

The eLearning DevCon 2008 conference is coming up in Salt Lake City in July and there are several great pre-conference training planned from beginning Flash and Actionscripting to advanced Adobe Captivate. You will also find many sessions that cover different topics around Adobe Captivate. This event might be a good way to quickly get you up and running with the tools.

eLearning DevCon Conference 2008



May 13, 2008

eSeminar Q&A

RJ Jacquez, our Sr. Product Evangelist, has presented today's eseminar Interactivity in Virtual Classrooms where he showed Adobe Captivate, publishing to a Connect server, creating a curriculum, and using Adobe Captivate content in a live virtual classroom (our seminar presentation room). We had over 600 attendees so I helped out answering questions and received several requests to make the Q&A available (see below - participant's last names and redundant questions are removed).

I also recommend taking a look at our website since a lot of information is covered there:



May 6, 2008

Call for presenters for DevLearn 2008

eLearning Guild DevLearn 2008The eLearning Guild just sent out a call for presenters for the upcoming DevLearn Conference November 11-14 in San Jose, CA. It's my favorite conference where I learn the most and it's fun to see what users are doing with Adobe Captivate. If you use Adobe Captivate and you have examples to show or best practices to share, become a speaker.

It's easy to submit a proposal for DevLearn 2008.


April 16, 2008

Tips & Tricks Session at Annual Gathering

Adobe Captivate Master Class at Annual GatheringAt the Annual Gathering of the eLearning Guild we have received lots of feature ideas and feedback. Our product sessions were packed and we had several members from our team in India here. They were conducting focus group sessions with attendees to get feedback about our ideas on Adobe Captivate 4 (I'll let you know through the blog, when the beta starts - will still be a while).

Tips & Tricks slidesAs promised, you can access my slides from the session at Session 410 Tips & Tricks Slides. (FYI: Some of the links are 'broken' because they go to files on my computer). A SWF sample is also included in one of the slides playing inside the presentation.

I guess our Tips & Tricks session made an impression - Check out Will Thalheimer's blog about the session - blogs like this make my day :)

AIR-based EPSS created with RoboHelpAt the session, we showed the new RoboHelp packager for AIR - imagine you can create a professional looking, standalone performance support system that:

  • offers complete navigation with table of contents, index, search, glossary
  • informs the user when new information/update is available
  • can be used while being offline
  • works/looks exactly the same on Windows, Mac, Linux
  • enables inclusion of PDF, Adobe Captivate, .SWF files.
  • Offers new technologies like favorites (new for typical online help systems), commenting, content zoom, open pages in tabs, include additional resources displayed inside the system and more
  • all without programming!

Adobe AIR is quite amazing and recommend taking a closer look at it for eLearning.

Talking about AIR - I stopped by Brent Schlenker's session Scanning the Globe: Connecting your digital world to the world around you that focused on QR codes. One of the attendees pointed out the free QR code generator built in AIR.


So, here is a secret message - whoever comments first what is hidden in the QR code will receive a USB stick from me (please include your address/contact info in the comment) - my phone unfortunately is not yet supported and I don't have a reader on it, so I couldn't test this code ... I hope it works for you ;)


PS: The presentation slides are published via Adobe Presenter - it plugs in to PowerPoint to convert your slides to a very nice and quick loading Flash-based online experience.




April 10, 2008

Tips & Tricks Session at Seattle Captivate User Group Meeting

Slides for Adobe Captivate Tips & Tricks Session at Seattle User Group MeetingI just returned from Seattle where we had a great Captivate user group meeting last night. I promised to make my slides available. This is a bit of a sneak peek for my session I'll deliver at the eLearning Guild Annual Gathering next week.

Thanks again to Mark and Matt for organizing the event. And thanks Bobby for attending and providing support :)

The questions and discussions at the end were great. By the way - the Pizza was really good!


PS: The presentation is published via Adobe Presenter - it plugs in to PowerPoint to convert your slides to a very nice and quick loading Flash-based online experience.



April 1, 2008

Captivate Masters Class - June 9-13 NYC

Captivate Master Class Banner

Our authorized training partner Lodestone is offering a unique class on Adobe Captivate - the Captivate Masters Class. This intense training week, where you'll learn anything from getting started in minutes to editing audio with Soundbooth or figuring out the LMS integration, will take place in New York June 9-13. Register by May 1st for Captivate master class and receive $100 off

If you register by May 1st, you save $100.

I just booked my flight to be there - I'd like to check out some of the sessions and meet with attendees and trainers. I hope I won't make the instructor too nervous and maybe learn some new tricks myself.



March 25, 2008

Tips & Tricks session in Seattle

I'll be in Seattle on April 9th and will meet the Adobe Captivate user group. If you are in the area, please stop by. I'll also be presenting tips & tricks. More details to come on the Adobe Captivate user group website.



March 19, 2008

eLearning Guild Annual Gathering in April

The eLearning Guild Annual Gathering is coming up soon and we'll be there! I'll be presenting an Adobe Captivate tips and tricks session on 4/15 at 4pm. These sessions usually fill up quickly - you may want to come a few minutes early.

There will also be some members of our team from India and they might even set up some focus groups - it's a great chance to meet them and give them feedback directly.

If you are planning to come to the conference, please add a comment in the blog. Maybe we can meet and chat about Adobe Captivate and eLearning and electric bikes :) See you soon.



March 11, 2008

Adobe Captivate User Group Brazil Event Mar 25

Talking about events - Adobe is doing a Flex & Air Tour in Brazil where Ben Forta is speaking. The Adobe Captivate Brazil User Group will be there on March 25 in Sao Paulo. Ask for Fabio if you have Adobe Captivate questions :)



European eLearning Summit August 19-21



The European eLearning Summit was just announced - it will take place at Nottingham University in England August 19-21. If you live in Europe and can't attend the US eLearning Guild conferences, this would be the event to go to.

Adobe is a sponsor and there will be sessions on Adobe Captivate (The session schedule for the conference will be updated soon). eLearning Guild members will receive a substantial discount to attend.

March 5, 2008

ASTD TechKnowledge Notes



Last week I spent in San Antonio to attend the ASTD TechKnowledge 2008 conference. I really enjoyed the opening session by David Pogue (I was really impressed how he handled a keynote speaker's biggest nightmare - fried hard drive before a presentation) - it was quite entertaining.

We offered several hands-on sessions on Adobe Presenter, Technical Communication Suite, and of course Adobe Captivate. (comment/blog from an attendee)

The Adobe Captivate sessions were packed every time - if you weren't able to attend or had trouble following along, you can download the basic step-by-step document I created and simply try creating a project 'at home'. Just play with it and have fun.

Download free 30-day trial of Adobe Captivate

The easiest way to start learning Adobe Captivate are the built in tutorials on the start page and you can always check out our online recorded sessions and live eseminars: Rapid eLearning Made Easy .

PS: If you tried to attend today's eseminar, please re-register for the next - I made a scheduling mistake and we are working to make up for it.

December 18, 2007

Adobe 25 Year Anniversary Party


Last week we had our Adobe 25 year anniversary party and it rocked! It was held in a huge tent next to the San Jose convention center where John Warnock and Chuck Geschke kicked it off (Find out more about the Adobe History in the book Inside the Publishing Revolution: The Adobe Story - I read it during our acquisition days).

Smash MouthThe party was the best company event I have ever attended and was more like something you might have seen during the .com boom. The atmosphere was great and it's neat to see many people in person I only know through email.

There were also lots of cool geeky things: several Wii’s were set up (looks like you can still buy Wii's on Amazon - too late for Christmas?), Foosball, pool tables, Extreme BMX riders showing their amazing jumps, a guy that made soap bubbles, a creative drawing app in its own pavillion, and a fun Segway test ride (check out my alternATIVe blog why I prefer electric bicycles).

The big surprise was a Smash Mouth concert with a lot of their biggest hits.

Terry White did a great write up on his blog with really good pictures (Unfortunately I only had my Treo with me).


December 10, 2007

Worldwide Adobe Sales and Marketing Conference


I just returned from Germany and I am now attending our annual sales & marketing conference. With the huge number of products we have, I am learning a lot about our own products. Here are some links I saw today I wanted to share with you:

  • with cool sample applications like, a search portal for SecondLife residents or Scrapblog to easily create stunning online scrapbooks with your photos, transitions and music.
  • Get the Glass Flash game - it's easy and fun to play and the graphics are great. (by the California Milk Processor Board)
  • Anthropologie's AIR app - I didn't see a link to download the app but we saw a demo of using the catalog and it rocks. If you are currently looking into developing any in house app for your eLearning needs, you may want to take a closer look at AIR. More AIR examples.

November 30, 2007

Online Educa 2007 - Some interesting tidbits ...


Online Educa is over and my brain is suffering from information overload. Here are some random notes from the conference:


  • It was a busy conference with 2,000 attendees and over 100 exhibitors from all over the world. The sessions can quickly be confusing to track with sometimes 6 different presentations in 2 hours. However - it forces presenters to get to the point ;)
  • I love the international aspect of this show - it's rare for me to meet so many people from so many different countries!
  • Many games and Web 2.0 sessions that were usually quite packed.
  • Due to meetings I didn't have time to attend any of the opening sessions but Andrew Keen (known for his book The Cult of the Amateur: How Today’s Internet is Killing Truth), has been quite controversial based on the comments I overheard e.g. comparing bloggers with monkeys and raising the issue that more authority is neededAgent for for resources like Wikipedia. Haven’t seen too many blog entries about it other than Wilfred Rubens’ who titles his entry “I am an ape” :) (FYI: it’s in Dutch though)
  • Met Kevin Corti and saw some pieces of the serious immersive games his company PIXELearning develops. I wish I had access to some of these during business school...
  • Caroline Winning from eBay showed how they are using Questionmark Perception for their assessments and include Adobe Captivate simulations as questions.
  • Saw learning content by all  based on Adobe Captivate recordings. Watch a sample simulation for PowerPoint training. If you know Adobe Captivate, you'll probably recognize the animated highlighters. The Playback controls are completely customized. I also like how they are utilizing images for the mouse to help you see which mouse button to click. There must be hundreds of tutorials - great example of rapid authoring! (on the right you see their tutor Jennifer that guides you through the setup - it's all running with text to speech - not sure which engine they are using).
  • Enjoyed the presentation closing the participation gap by Prof. Karsten D. Wolf from the University of Bremen. Packed with interested stats on wiki authoring vs. usage.


Some Flash apps I have seen:


  • PebblePAD for creating online portfoliosPebblePAD - a fun way to create online portfolios. I enjoyed seeing this application since I am creating my own portfolio for the Educational Technology courses I am taking at SDSU. At 15 pounds/year quite reasonable, especially since it allows users to extract the content. So if you use it in an educational setting, your work is not lost if you decide to move to another system after graduating. It's easy to use and you can request a PepplePad test account.

  • Talking Letters – share your pictures with audio by adding your stories. Integrates with Facebook.


If you were at Online Educa, please comment your impressions.

I am off on vacation ... Bye for now.

November 25, 2007

Heading to Online Educa in Berlin ...

I am heading out to attend and speak at the Online Educa Conference in Berlin. Horst Krieger from will also be showing their work with Adobe Captivate during the session Serious Online Games in the Workplace (Harnessing the Power of Electronic Learning Simulations to Shorten Training Cycles and Improve Employee Productivity).

We are sponsoring a reception - hope to seeing you there!

November 12, 2007

Rumors ...

During the conference I have heard two rumors and I'd like to let you know that neither is true:


1. Adobe is taking over the eLearning Guild


This one was quite funny to me and it makes me wonder, how rumors like it even start ...


Adobe has partnered with the eLearning Guild since the event was held in San Jose, head quarters of Adobe. We have been working with the Guild for so long already, we figured it's a great opportunity to tag on our first Adobe Summit for eLearning. We have no plans to 'take over the eLearning Guild.'


2. Adobe Captivate 4 will be released in Spring


This one would be an absolute nightmare if true and I would not have had time to attend the summit at all or any other conference or have a life. We just released Adobe Captivate 3 and our release schedules are usually 12-24 months. Adobe Captivate 3 seemed to be an exception with 9 months after version 2. To me, it was like catching up to our normal release schedule after version 2 was delayed so much due to the acquisition. Our team is currently in the process of gathering feedback to determine the best feature set for version 4. This is a good time to let the team know what you are looking for - go to and search for 'wishform' to get to the feature request form or use this direct link.


See you again next year!

Adobe Summit - Day 2

I attended the morning session with Ellen and Tom King speaking to Authorware users about our plans. Brent Schlenker has provided a great summary. If you were not able to attend this session but you are interested in hearing more, we are repeating this session this week in an eseminar: Adobe Panel Webinar on Solutions for Authorware Users Register here.


We ended the conference with an interesting Stump the Expert session. I was the only expert though who actually got stumped by the audience asking very technical questions on Adobe Captivate (I am sure our QA or engineering team could have answered).


Questions were great and ranged from the future of standards or if Adobe is trying to sell an LMS (answer is no) to product related questions such as normalizing audio in Adobe Captivate.


Overall I really enjoyed the conference and already received some feedback from attendees that they got a lot out of it.

November 8, 2007

Adobe Summit - Day 1

Keynote at Adobe eLearning SummitThe Adobe Summit today was kicked off by Ellen's keynote with Naresh Gupta , our SVP, calling in from India in the middle of the night on a holiday! It was a great start of a very special conference to us since it's the first eLearning Conference that Adobe is holding.

Ellen also showed a video of our customers talking about our tools - Watch the video.

The Adobe Captivate Tips & Tricks session was quite packed and I was lucky to have RJ Jacquez join us, the Technical Communication Suite and eLearning evangelist. I learned quite a bit from his part of the presentation. Not covered in the PPT is his tip on changing the standard.htm file (found in C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Captivate 3\Templates\Publish) which changes your published HTML file. I'll ask him to start a blog to explain it.
RoboHelp and FrameMaker are great tools for eLearning and several people were asking about the eseminars we offer - I recommend: Bring your Information to Life with 3D and Adobe® Captivate® 3 in the new Technical Communication Suite! - it's free, it's live and RJ will be presenting.

Right now I am in the executive panel session on technology road maps and it looks like attendees are interested in Flash Lite output (mobile important for about 5-7 ppl), standards support, video (1/3rd in the room develop video and several people want to do more than 50% of their content as video), a YouTube Learning type site (I rather would personally see a service like Adobe Share to turn into that - Share has the benefit of supporting interactive content so I think it's a bit more practical than a pure video service), collaboration (important for all).

Heading off to our reception ...

PS: If you leave a comment, please include a real name/address.

November 7, 2007

DevLearn 2007 - Day 2

Right now I am presenting my session More then rapid where I show a multitude of rapid authoring tools including

At this point, I am showing how to blog with Contribute using my live Adobe blog. The demo includes inserting text by dragging a word document into your blog entry, inserting an image and inserting Flash files.

The conference will end with the Adobe Summit and we hope you can join us for that. Especially Thursday night: it’ll be fun with a beer and wine tasting reception. Find out more on our site – here is a demo how you get to the right page:

Here is a comment from Dave, one of the attendees:

"Silke is a wonderful instructor and this was a great session!"

Update after the session : I had planned a lot more tools in the session and unfortunately ran out of time. Thanks again Amy for playing with us with Visual Communicator and I am sorry that my system was a bit overloaded and slow. Here are the slides if anyone is interested in all the links. Heading to DemoFest now...

November 6, 2007

DevLearn 2007 - Day1

This was a long day ... but definitely a fun one. There are over 1,000 people here and everyone I met seems very excited and eager to learn and share.

As promised, here are some files and info from my sessions:

Breakfast Bite session: Is rapid eLearning getting a bad rep?
It was very refreshing to hear about the very successful rapid training stories where SMEs are involved. Thanks for all of you who attended this early in the morning and provided your insight in creating great eLearning using rapid tools. Here are some of your comments I jotted down:

  • Great and animated ILT SME freaked out when asked to create recording of his session "there is no audience, I can't record."
  • We fedex a laptop to the SME with all the rapid tools installed.
  • If the content is too technical, we accept a little less quality but gain efficiency and get the training done.
  • Bad audio often creates the perception the training is bad. It's easy and cheap to create a portable studio (using a hamper and acoustic foam). Shane - please send me the photo and I'll include in the blog!
  • We had great success with rapid tools. I call rapid tools "Expert Enablement Programs" - I love this ;)
  • We are spending 1:1 time w/ the SME. Some SMEs don't know PPT and can't get out of their comfort zone.

I had mentioned this white paper we have recently done with Jennifer De Vries- it provides some tips and ideas on working with SMEs. FYI: Usually white papers are posted on our Adobe eLearning site - we are adding this one soon.

Research in Action: Evidence-based Guidelines in e-Learning, a session by Ruth Clark and myself, was well attended. You can find her white paper directly on our website including some of the samples shown in today's session. I totally spaced in the session to thank Joe Ganci from Dazzletech who had provided a great conceptual simulation we showed. I'll blog when I can make it available online (see img on the right).

I also really enjoyed the keynote by Sir Ken Robinson - he is a very entertaining speaker and quite thought provoking. To get an idea, check this out (includes link to TED talk video). He definitely put things in perspective. Tony Karrer posted his notes.

With that - good night!

October 18, 2007

eSeminar 10/19: Working with SMEs



Involving SMEs White PaperFYI - we are going to have a very interesting free eseminar tomorrow on best practices and case studies on involving SMEs in the authoring process. Jennifer De Vries has done some research on how Adobe Captivate is being used in some organizations with SMEs and wrote a very informative white paper with best practices for using Adobe Captivate with SMEs.

You can still register for the session

Gaining Efficiency with SME Adobe Captivate Use
Friday, October 19, 2007
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM US/Pacific

The white paper can be downloaded by session attendees. It is not available on our web site at this point.

If you register now but you can't attend, you should be able to watch a recording later and also download the white paper for the recording.

Training Tech Solutions

I am back from Training Tech Solutions. Overall I think attendance was quite down from the expected participation. It was a very small conference with the benefit that you meet a lot of people. For me personally, the best part of the conference was getting together with some speakers and sharing about the new stuff that's out there. I usually don't have time to play with the new cool toys so dinner was great to get up to speed. I did check out some of the tools they mentioned and liked this one: FlockPod - I'd describe it as a social network Web 2.0 way to run a debate about a topic with an option to vote if you agree/disagree with someone's point of view or contribution - if I ever catch up with my emails again, I'll try it out on my blog.

Bryan Chapman on selecting simulation toolsBryan Chapman did several interesting sessions in the expo hall on choosing tools - I attended the sim tools one. He showed the shootout winners from 2005 (we had won) and 2007 (I didn't have a chance to participate this year). He separated sim tools into desktop tools and server based tools which I thought was a great approach. Your cost for a simulation authoring tool can quickly jump from $699 (CP3) to $20k plus for some of these server based tools.

More blogging about the conference can be found by Brent Schlenker and Rovy Brannon.

I did a hands-on session on Adobe Captivate 3 - there were only 16 computers and 28 attendees. It was quite tough to run a session where only half the attendees can really participate. I was trying to include some extra tips since 50% were existing users and these tips were often too fast/advanced for new users. It's best to split it up into two sessions which wasn't an option this time.

As promised, here are the PPT slides I used in the beginning of the session. Most of the other files and examples can be found in the Adobe Captivate Exchange.

Flight SimulatorI liked the option to attend a tour at the end of the conference and I joined the tour of Flight Safety International where we got a glimpse at the flight simulators. Quite impressive.

October 8, 2007

$200 Discount for new registration at Training Tech Solutions Conf

Next week is the Training Tech Solutions Conference in Salt Lake City where I'll be doing a 3 hour hands-on session on Adobe Captivate.

The organizers had sent out a note to speakers regarding free expo passes and a $200 discount:


As a special thanks to our speakers, you are welcome to share the special Training Tech Solutions 2007 discounts shown below with your colleagues and clients.

To obtain these discounts, just send your colleagues and clients to: and click on the Registration link.
Please instruct them to input VIP code TSSP1 for a $200 discount off the three-day conference or VIP code EXPS1 to receive a complimentary two-day Expo Hall pass.

See you at the conference :)

September 24, 2007

Adobe Captivate sessions at MAX 2007


Adobe MAX Conference

The Adobe MAX 2007 conference is coming up already next week. Here are all the Adobe Captivate related sessions:

  • Creating Flash Screencasts with Adobe Captivate: Main focus is on getting started and creating screencast.
  • Rapid Prototyping in Fireworks: Fireworks is a great web design prototyping tool - enhance prototyping with Adobe Captivate's ability to import images and create complex branches or add voice over to explain the design to a client.
  • E2E Solutions Operations: The session provides information about implementation roadmaps, available trainings and SAP Standards for End-to-End Solution Operations.
  • Using Adobe Connect within SAP Enterprise Learning (Adobe Captivate integrates into Connect) - not sure what will be shown but a range of products will be mentioned (Adobe Integrated Runtime, Captivate, Connect, Flash, Flash Lite, Flash Media Server, Flash Player, Flex, InDesign, InDesign Server, LiveCycle).

The MAX conference will also be held in Europe and Japan. It's a fantastic event and a great chance to connect with other developers and designers, Adobe engineers and managers of CS3 and other products, and to see sneak peeks of upcoming technologies.

PS: If you wish to meet Adobe Captivate developers, join us at the DevLearn conference and the Adobe Learning Summit.

September 14, 2007

Facilitated Social Network - Demo


Facilitated Social NetworkJust received an email from Elliott Masie's Learning Consortium with a neat Adobe Captivate demo that shows facilitated social networking. If you are planning to attend Learning 2007, I highly recommend you try out the networking tool by introNetworks. We had used it qite a bit at Macromedia conferences and it's a blast to find out who at the conference has similar interests or expertise. The introNetworks matches you with like minded attendees and allows you to contact other attendees about certain topics they are experts in. It's a fantastic networking opportunity I'll miss this year Network(we will have some presentations on Adobe tools and also Adobe Captivate).

Hope you have fun at Learning 2007.

September 4, 2007

Adobe Summit at DevLearn 2007


The DevLearn conference Nov5-8 in San Jose is in full preparation and we are partnering with the eLearning Guild to offer a special Adobe Summit (Nov 8-9).

During DevLearn, I'll be presenting in two sessions: Research in Action: Evidence-based Guidelines in e-Learning with Ruth Clark and More than Rapid: Supporting User Created Content with Blogs, Podcasts, Vlogcasts, and More which is going to be a bit similar to what I have done last year. There will also be other sessions on Adobe Captivate e.g. Developing Uniformity in e-Learning with Adobe Captivate Templates and Captivate-to-Flash ActionScript Communication with workarounds on adding ActionScript to Adobe Captivate content. Just search for "captivate" in the concurrent session section.

I'll present during the Adobe eLearning Summit on CP3 and will show tips and tricks and some more samples our team has created. Probably the best session will be the closing session Stump the Adobe Experts where you have the chance to ask questions to product managers and engineers from different teams. We will have some people from our team in India there as well - it's going to be a great opportunity to provide your feedback directly to them.

Please also bring content samples - we love to see what you do with our tools. I look forward seeing you at the Reception Thursday night at the Adobe Headquarters!

You can register via the eLearning Guild website.

August 28, 2007

Winwriters Survey

For those of you involved with initiatives that support the fields of technical communication, instructional design, help system development and elearning, I thought this survey might be of interest to you. You might want to take this survey or pass it on to someone that would be interested.  I think the deadline to participate is this month.

August 9, 2007

Tips on creating effective eLearning - free eseminar


Friday the 24th at 10am Pacific Time, we are going to have an eseminar with Dr. Ruth Clark as part of our Luminary eSeminars series. I'll join Ruth to show how to actually implement some of the principles in Adobe Captivate. The presentation is quite fascinating and packed with facts and samples based on the new edition of her book eLearning & the Science of Instruction - this is one of the key books I recommend when it comes to using multimedia in eLearning. We'll also try to make the session very interactive for you. Ruth has just published a white paper with us that covers some of the principles discussed in the eseminar. It's a short and easy read and very applicable to creating content with Adobe Captivate.


Friday, August 24, 2007
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM US/Pacific


PS: Another great resource for research-based elearning design is Will Thalheimer including lots of things you should know in his blog (for example bogus research data that is commonly cited).

July 27, 2007

Education Leaders Institute 2007 & Feature Requests

The Education group at Adobe has invited me to speak at the summer institute where the Adobe Education Leaders are invited to meet, learn, mingle (and party - and they do it well!) My session was brief and I showed some examples including the podcast, a softskills simulation, and a quiz and also some of the new features. Several questions and feature requests were raised and I encourage you to submit your own requests. Adobe Captivate 3 is done and we are planning for version 4 - this is the perfect time to submit! Please include sample scenarios where/under what circumstance you would want a particular feature and why.

Among the many requests, I also heard avi output or a way to create DVDs so you can play content on TV. Is anyone doing this right now somehow with Adobe Captivate content and maybe another tool (e.g. convert using sothink's tools)?

I was also asked about game templates ... we do have a basic Jeopardy style game in the Adobe Exchange that was created by a user. Did anyone create another game with Adobe Captivate yet?

I'd love to see your examples ...

June 5, 2007

ASTD Conference - Info Overload


Today has been impressive and being a vendor, talking to customers and partners provides the most value to me. I have had a great lunchtime conversation with a consultant and a training manager for a large software company. Working for software companies, it was a surprise for both of us to hear from the consultant how often IT runs the show and makes business decisions for her clients. My problem is to reach SMEs since they are usually not in the learning field themselves and wouldn't even know a tool like Adobe Captivate even exists to make their lives easier - she responded that IT groups are a factor in that they don't want to control additional licenses outside the training group. I have also heard customers talk about limited bandwidth of 250k. It's tough for me to imagine a world where IT could limit the ability to do my job. Who is deciding what tools you use?

On the showfloor I heard the question on integrating games with Adobe Captivate - check out C3 Visuals. Their games work nicely within slides and I'll post a file once I have an example.

The last session I attended was by Fort Hill Company on accelerating the transfer and application of learning. It was more a sales pitch for their book The Six Disciplines of Breakthrough Learning: How to Turn Training and Development Into Business Results which is fine with me since I now know to better get it. They made a great learning transfer and application scorecard available - looking at the scorecard and assessing the Adobe Captivate sales training, I wished our own training folks were here ... There is a lot more we can do.

I had the chance to attend an event sponsored by Enspire Learning - a company I have always admired for the Executive Challenge leadership training they developed. If you want effective simulation based sales training, give them a call. I am working with them on some Adobe Captivate project sample projects we'll make available to you later this year.

I liked the world map with all the business cards from attendees posted on the different countries. It really showed how much of an international conference this is. Well done.

Not so well done was the conference event - they had a "party with the fish" at the aquarium and for $10 you could get a ticket with your conference pass. There was no indication that tickets would be limited so by the time I got in line, they were sold out. Oh - and then I heard rumors you got a refund if you couldn't get a ticket? For most people I know, going to a conference is work - it's training. Imagine you are offering bagels before you teach a class, except they are gone by the time learners arrive (and they are not even late) and you tell them the later they could have gotten donuts instead ... How will that impact your course evaluation?

June 4, 2007

ASTD Conference - first day

This was a loooooong day ... started out with a session by Jim Collins who wrote the bestselling book Good to Great. I liked his book in the first place and the session was a good refresher but he is also now looking at organizations that dropped from Great to Good and the 6 stages a company goes through. A company might still do really well on the outside while on the inside things are happening that will lead to rapid decline. Can't wait to read the new book ...
One of his comments today really struck me - the question "What's on your NOT to do list". Might be a good topic to talk to my manager about ;) So, what's on your not to do list?

Spent the rest of the day at the expo which is far too overwhelming and so far I haven't seen anything striking new ... I'll keep looking.

Our booth had a lot of traffic and we received many Adobe Captivate questions - one of the top ones was: Where do you get training on Adobe Captivate. Here are a few links:
- Free online seminars
- Free online tutorials and tips
- Training partners
- Online training and basic work book

Mark Oehlert also has a detailed writeup about yesterday's sessions.

March 26, 2007

Mobile Learning: Why Learning Professionals Need to Care

Ellen is giving a presentation tomorrow morning at 9am Pacific Time on a hot industry topic: mobile learning - there are still a few seats left and if you plan to implement mobile learning, I recommend you check out the presentation. Register here - the eseminar is free :)

March 21, 2007

New user group in Nebraska

Just got word of another new Adobe Captivate/eLearning user group that started in Nebraska. First meeting is going to be Thursday April 26, 2007. Don't miss it - we'll be sending some cool giveaways.

March 14, 2007

A new user group in North Texas!

Walter Stewart has just started a new user group - the "North Texas Captivate User Group". I'll be presenting at their first meeting and if you live in Texas, I encourage you to join the group - you can network with peers, learn something new, and also have the chance to win a full copy of Adobe Captivate 2.

To find out about other user groups in your area, take a look at our community site. Or just start your own user group :)

February 6, 2007

Awards, new eLearning page and free seminars

Today we received the eLearning Guild member's choice award in a series of recent industry awards: eLearning! magazine Best of 2006, Jolt finalist and of course the Brandon Hall Excellence in eLearning award we had posted on our site.

We also published and updated our Adobe eLearning site with lots of resources, case studies, white papers, and info about upcoming seminars as well as events where we exhibit our learning solutions and where Ellen Wagner or I will be presenting.

We also have a great seminar coming up tomorrow: Informal Learning meets eLearning with Jay Cross and Ellen. You can still register for it.

Have fun with Adobe Captivate! :)

FYI: We attended the ASTD Techknowledge conference last week in Vegas and the conference was actually sold out! There were several hands-on sessions for Adobe Captivate. Join us for sessions at the eLearning Guild Annual Gathering in Boston in April. I'll provide more info soon.

November 14, 2006

eLearning Guild event 07 - Submit your session proposal

FYI: the eLearning Guild is accepting proposals for the Annual Gathering in April 10-13, 07 in Boston. My Adobe Captivate sessions have been packed there and I am sure they are looking again for intermediate and advanced topics on the tool. If you are a user and have created highly interactive content or business skills training, I recommend to submit a proposal. And please let me know if you submitted. Deadline is tomorrow!!!

November 7, 2006

Photos from MAX Taiwan

I didn't have a chance to go to MAX in APAC this year but Kevin Lin, author of an Adobe Captivate book, posted some pics on his blog. Thanks Kevin :)
I went there two years ago when we released Macromedia Captivate and it was an unforgettable trip. MAX conferences are fun and they are packed w/ great sessions!

October 25, 2006

MAX Conference update

Wow - I can breathe again! Just finished my final session here at MAX in Las Vegas. The conference was great and having the Blueman Group start it off was awesome!

We actually had a specific eLearning track with a panel, presentations, and workshops. It's cool to see so many people excited about Adobe Captivate and I have heard some new feature requests such as displaying external projects in branching view, inserting SWF files in the zoom destination, drag/drop interactions for the learner and more. If you have feature requests for the new version, please submit them via our wishform on our site.

I also wanted to point out Apollo - it's been exciting to see the reactions of the audience and the ideas that came up from the audience even for Adobe Captivate integration with Apollo.

If you wish to learn more about Apollo, you can register for our free online seminar on November 2nd, 3pm US Eastern time.

October 19, 2006

Ellen Wagner doing keynote at League for Innovations

Wow - my coworker Ellen Wagner, Director for eLearning here at Adobe, is doing the keynote at League for Innovations. If you are an educator I highly recommend you check out the conference and see Ellen speak.

Her session is called "Rules for engagement" where she'll be talking about the Web 2.0 world in learning and education and the top 10 ways to engage our learners.

After that she and I will be at MAX in Las Vegas.

October 16, 2006

Complementary session material

Betsy Bruce gave a presentation on using XML and XSLT in Dreamweaver at the DevLearn conference last week. In addition to posting her handouts, step-by-step instructions, and supporting files, she also has an Adobe Captivate demo available on her site.

October 12, 2006

My session was packed!!!

I couldn't believe it - my session on informal learning at the DevLearn conference here in Burlingame was completely packed. There were people standing in the back of the room and outside the door. Other attendees came up to me afterwards to tell me they couldn't get in!

So I figured I am going to provide my PPT slides and hope they give you some ideas of what else you can do w/ Adobe Captivate other than just screen captures :)


October 10, 2006

MAX Sneak Peek

If you haven't heard about MAX, you might want to check it out.

Our team has submitted a demo for the sneak peeks session and hopefully we'll be selected so we can show you some of the new cool features we are thinking about (no guarantees that any of the features shown will make it into the release version) for Adobe Captivate 3. Attendees last year saw a preview of the branching dialog and the library w/ the launch and edit capabilities and they had a chance to sign up for the beta during our birds of the feather session.

In addition to meeting people from our product teams, you have lots of chances to win products and t-shirts. See you soon!

September 26, 2006

Adobe Captivate user group

Wow - Today I received the link for (I believe it's the first) Adobe Captivate user group. The group is run by Mark Chrisman in Seattle and the first meeting will be held Nov 16, where I'll attend remotely!
Thanks Mark for pulling it together :)

September 11, 2006

Free seminars on Adobe Captivate 2

I came back from Brazil this weekend and now I am trying to catch up with emails - well, one of them was an invite to our first online seminars on Adobe Captivate 2!
The seminars are free and we have 7 scheduled so far and best of all, by simply attending you have the chance to win a full copy of Adobe Captivate 2. I'll try to be in the first one to see the kinds of questions come up.

Abbas, Sales Engineer and Adobe Captivate fan, will show you many of the new the new features and hopefully some interactive content is loaded in the Breeze meeting so you can actually play with it - we'll see :)

Meet you soon in our eseminar!

PS: The signup link on the main Adobe Captivate page is a little hidden so please feel free to forward or post the direct signup URL

September 3, 2006

Boa Noite de Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo is amazing! (Well - I haven't really seen much of the city since Ellen and I are constantly working). Thanks to the work of our team in Brazil, we have had great meetings with 6 different customers which are really eye opening. eLearning is growing extremely rapidly in Brazil and I have seen more collaboration and community building than in the US. Fascinating.
And I finally had a chance to meet Igor Costa, Adobe Captivate fan, Flex developer, author, contributer, and tour guide :) If you speak Portuguese, you might want to check out his blog.
More info and pictures to come in the next days.

PS: After reading my entry, Igor said to Ellen I described him as superhero, amazing and the savior of the world. So here we go *grin* He definitely is a superhero in my Adobe Captivate world :) Today we came up with some really cool ideas and as soon as we have them working, I'll blog about the amazing things Igor can do.

August 16, 2006

Industry Events - Let's meet in person!

Summer is nearly over and the eLearning events season is about to start. We are going to participate at many shows all over the world. Here are the ones I am personally attending and I hope you have a chance to stop by as well (PS: I'll use the blog to update you on other conferences I don't yet have in my schedule):

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July 10, 2006

Adobe Max 2006

We just posted a press release about our upcoming MAX conference later this year (in Las Vegas!). At last year's conference, we had an eLearning focused pre-conference day - but this year, we finally have a full eLearning track! It's very exciting and I think the sessions will fill up quickly based on the high interest we saw last year.

We will offer sessions that show how Adobe Captivate fits into our overall eLearning strategy, how it integrates with other tools such as Breeze, etc. and you will see some great examples such as the Palm training. I am not sure yet if we'll be able to get another birds of the feather session or a hands on workshop, but I'll do my best to get a spot to show Adobe Captivate 2. Please make sure you bring all your questions and new feature ideas. I'll try to get some support guys to join my session.

Starting July 17, you can also submit an entry to the MAX Awards - there will be a category for training content. Winners will be announced at the conference and if the training content is public, it will be featured on our web site after the conference!

For more info and to register, check out our main site

Hope to see you at the conference :)