June 9, 2008

New Adobe Captivate 3 Book available

Adobe Captivate 3 new book - the definitive guideBrenda Huettner has published a new version of her book Adobe Captivate 3 The Definitive Guide (looks like it's not yet in stock on Amazon - you might be able to get it through Brenda's blog entry too).

Brenda's books are well organized and easy to follow along. If you are just beginning to use Adobe Captivate, this book will get you started quickly. It covers features from creating a new project to editing/rearranging slides, audio, questions, branching, templates and more.


Congratulations Brenda!


Update: You can order the Adobe Captivate 3 Definitive Guide online and get 35% off with this coupon code: capt0497



March 7, 2008

Free Getting Started Training for Technical Communication Started

Adobe Technical Communication Suite box shotRJ Jacquez, our evangelist for Adobe Captivate and the Technical Communication Suite, has just finished creating two Getting Started training sessions for the Technical Communication Suite:


NEW Training Video! Getting Started with the Technical Communication Suite: Part 1

NEW Training Video! Getting Started with the Technical Communication Suite: Part 2

PS: The tool he used to create the recording was Acrobat Connect Pro, which has really neat virtual classroom features like:

  • instant on (it uses the Flash player - no need to install a plugin)
  • interactivity within the room for every participant - you can insert Adobe Captivate simulations or games and they are fully interactive for all the participants (so they don't just watch one person do something, they all actually do it!)
  • interactivity in the recording, so students get the same experience as students attending live
  • interactive file download and link pods
  • of course whiteboard, screen sharing, PPT presentation upload/playback
  • presenter only areas with options to prepare areas in the meeting room while another presenter is already presenting
  • Chat setup so students can enter questions which are only shown to presenters (private chat disabled)
  • participant and score tracking
  • polls
  • and a lot more!

August 2, 2007

Do I need a serial number for the trial?


Adobe Captivate 3 trial screenLooks like our new licensing screen is causing some confusion. I have received some questions regarding the need to enter a serial number for the trial. Simply check the radio button I want to try Adobe Captivate 3 free for 30 days highlighted in the screenshot on the right - that will run CP3 in trial mode. There is no need for a serial number to try the product.

If you do get a different screen than this, please contact customer service. We are looking into this.

July 31, 2007

Lots of questions

We had our first Adobe Captivate 3 eseminar today and it was sold out. We had so many questions at the end that it was impossible to keep up for 2 people even though we kept answering for another 15 min after the session ended.

I tried to collect some of the questions and provide responses here (questions are in no particular order):

Questions regarding upgrading after recently purchasing Adobe Captivate 2
See Post-announce upgrade policy

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June 7, 2007

Running Adobe Captivate 2 on Vista

Although Adobe Captivate 2 is not supported on Vista, one of our sales engineers had it running this week at ASTD. Here are the steps (please understand that I quickly took notes and don't have Vista myself - there is no guarantee):

1. Control panel > access security and then security center > other security settings > turn off user access control.
2. Go to Adobe Captivate exe, right click > properties > compatibility tab > Run this program in compatibility mode for Windows XP.

Hope it works for you until Adobe Captivate 3 is out.

February 22, 2007

Adobe Captivate support options

I keep receiving support requests via email as well as my blog and realized that many users might not have seen all our resources we have online.
I personally simply don't have the bandwidth to answer all the requests nor the technical knowledge required for many of the issues mentioned. Here is a list of all the options available where you'll find answers quickly:

- The first place to look for an answer is the online help system (simply press F1 inside the application) or click on Help. A PDF version of the Getting Started Guide and the entire online Help system are also available on our website.
- Then I would recommend searching through the Technotes in our knowledge base
- If you don't find what you need, you might want to browse the developer center articles or post to our online peer-to-peer forum. The forum is an excellent place to get answers - our Adobe Community Experts monitor these forums and provide their assistance. They are extremely knowledgable about our products and they usually know more about Adobe Captivate than I do!
- If you can't find the answers in any of these free resources, you can contact Technical Support (A Bronze support phone call is only $39). We offer several different plans to meet your needs. I have worked with some of the support reps and they are great.
- You may also want to look for user groups in your area. We have had several new Adobe Captivate and eLearning user groups start in the last couple of months.
- For free templates or downloadable assets to use in or with your Adobe Captivate projects, we had started the Adobe Captivate Exchange. You can also share your own cool projects with your peers or turn it into a business and sell assets online.

Hope these links help and please spread the word about all the resources available.
Have fun with Adobe Captivate!

PS: These options are also available for other Adobe products.