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Setting up Emacs key mappings on Windows Outlook

I’ve had all I can stand and I can’t stand no more.

It’s been four months since I moved from a Windows to a Mac machine.  I really like the macbook air.  But Outlook 2011 for the Mac is driving me crazy.  It keeps giving me incomprehensible error messages like “unknown error” or “end of file was reached”.  It mangles my meeting invites.  It looses attachments.  It makes me restart every time I change networks otherwise it’s “Not connected”.  It’s terribly slow. It kept me from doing my tax return (okay, that’s not Outlook’s fault. I was just procrastinating).  And for some inexplicable reason it was always 10-15 minutes behind my actual inbox – my mail in Outlook on a VMWare machine always gets mail faster than the Mac version.

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New Mac Set Up (by a Windows User)

A little history

Many moons ago I was a Mac user.  I used to be the system admin for a printing company in Japan, and all they used was Macs.  That was long before Mac OS X.  When I switched companies and was developing software, I used Linux (Debian) and Windows.  After I joined Adobe, I started using Windows everyday. I had to do a lot of travelling, and Windows Laptops were the lightest around (I couldn’t give up Emacs, though, so I used Meadow).

When I was recently looking for a new laptop, I took a look at the new MacBook Air.  The battery life, screen size, and weight seemed to hit the right spot, so I decided to give it a try.

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