AIR Install Badges

The AIR (né Apollo) beta release includes a number of great new features, including:

  • Support for PDF
  • Embedded SQLite
  • Drag-and-drop
  • Transparent HTML

…and more.

But I want to call attention to one of my favorite features: Install Badges. Yes, I’m biased because I worked on it. But if I didn’t work on this stuff, this blog wouldn’t be half so interesting, would it?

Install badges are SWFs which you can embed on a web page and which, when activated, trigger the seamless installation of your application. It works whether or not AIR itself is already installed; if it isn’t, it’ll be installed right along with your application in a single flow.

Want to see it in action? Browse to the AIR Sample Applications page and install away.

Wanted to make your own? Download the AIR SDK, which contains a sample badge in both compiled and source form.

Caveat: Embarrasingly, some debug code was left in the badge as it shipped in the beta SDK. (Well, it is a beta, after all.) So you may want to open the .fla just to remove that, even if you’re not interested in further customization.

13 Responses to AIR Install Badges

  1. Alex says:

    Hey Oliver,I really like the AIR install process except of one thing:The download time between the click on “Open” to when the install dialog appears doesn’t show you any loading process. So if you have a slow connection or if the app is a 1MB+ download there’s some time where nothing happens. This is quite confusing.Can’t you change that?

  2. Oliver Goldman says:

    Yes, that delay before the window opens is a bug that I expect we’ll address before the next release.

  3. awflasher says:

    Thanks ! I have already experienced that sexy installation !!!

  4. Ron says:

    Hi Oliver,I just have one question, how can i use install badge for my webapp . . where it automatically installs (or pop) the runtime?

  5. Oliver Goldman says:

    Ron: The SDK includes documentation describing how to embed the install badge. You can use it from a web app by simply emitting the correct HTML to embed the badge.

  6. keith says:

    Hi. We are working with AIR and its great so far and npw…install questions! Could not find documentation so…————————1) What functionality does the System.Product class provide in addition to the “isInstalled()”, “download()” and “launch()” methods?2) Is there a way to run the “download()” and “launch()” silently?Alternatively, what options, if any, are provided by the “air_b2_win_100107.exe” and by the “Adobe AIR Application Installer.exe”?3) Is it possible to run them silently?Thank you so much!!!-Keith

  7. Oliver Goldman says:

    Keith: The System.Product API is officially unsupported and you have no reason to use it directly anyway, so I won’t say anything more about it here.We don’t provide any way to silently install or launch anything from the browser. The horrible security implications of such a feature should be clear!It is possible to run the installer for AIR itself silently if you pass it the “-silent” flag on the command line. Just to be clear, you can’t do this from the browser. You can do it if you are running the installer yourself, i.e., from the command line. Also, please keep in mind that this command line flag isn’t officially supported and could be removed, changed, etc. at any time.

  8. Izzy says:

    I am also interested in running the installer silently from command line, and the -silent switch definitely helps. I am curious to know whether the “AIR Application Installer” can also run silently, and if yes, how is it possible to send it options such as install directory, start menu shortcuts, etc.By the way, the reason I am using a native installer and trying to embed AIR runtime and installation process into it is because my application needs to read registry keys. I wonder if AIR will support reading registry keys in the near future.Thank you,Izzy

  9. Oliver Goldman says:

    Izzy: No, we don’t support running the application installer silently. I understand your use case and you’re not alone in asking for this. That said, we’ve made a decision to focus on cross-platform capabilities in 1.0 and not on features like this that are tied to platform-specific native code.We won’t, for the same reasons, be adding access to the Windows registry any time soon.Both of these requests may be included in some future release. Please use to request these and other features.

  10. Kai says:

    Oliver,I’m able to run the AdobeAIRInstaller.exe silently – works fine.So what you’re saying is that my “.air” file cannot be executed silently in anyway, correct?Cheers.

  11. Oliver Goldman says:

    Silent application install is supported for those who have signed up to redistribute the runtime. See also Mike Chamber’s recent post on the subject.regards,Oliver

  12. Roger Mester says:

    Is it possible to pass a command line option to the AIR installer so that “start application after installation” is unchecked?

    [No, it’s not. —Oliver]