AIR Installer Logging

Starting with the beta 2 release, the AIR installers for both AIR itself and for applications can be configured to log actions taken during install. This is not an officially supported feature and we don’t make any promises that the log file format won’t change, or even that this won’t be removed entirely. Nonetheless, you may find it useful.

To enabling logging, simply create a file named either “.airinstall.log” (for the AIR installer) or “.airappinstall.log” (for application install) in your home directory. If this file is present when the installer starts then the log will be written to it (overwriting any previous contents). This works on both Windows and Mac OS. Turn turn logging back off, remove the files.

If you encounter installation-related problems with beta 2 I recommend turning logging on. Even if you’re not up to reading the contents yourself it’ll be a great help to us to include them with any bug reports.