Custom Update UI for Application Updates

I’ve just finished my talk on the Brussels stop of the On AIR tour. I was discussing the importance of the application update mechanism in the context of dealing with security issues and mentioned the <customUpdateUI> feature. According to the show of hands in the audience, no one knows about this feature, which is a real shame.

The feature itself is simple. By default, if your application is already installed and an .air file for your application is opened, AIR will handle the situation. It will display appropriate UI; typically, you’ll see the old and new version numbers and be asked if you wish to upgrade.

That’s less than ideal for two reasons. First, most applications have their own update mechanisms, update UI, and so on. This default behavior circumvents all of that.

Second, it puts the decision about which version of the application is newer in the user’s hands. Assuming you use a straightforward versioning scheme, this is typically not an issue. However, if an attacker can convince a user to install an older version of the application, then they may be able to use a security vulnerability you’ve already patched to compromise the user’s machine.

To avoid these drawbacks, simply declare the <customUpdateUI> element in your descriptor. With that set, any activation of an .air file for your application will cause (a) your application to be started, if it’s not already running and (b) the path to the .air file to be delivered to your application via an InvokeEvent. Your application simply needs to capture that event and handle it. You can likely handle it by re-using the logic for your own auto-update mechanism.

That’s all there is to it. Full documentation is also available.. Give it a try; I hope to see more hands go up next time I ask who’s seen this.

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  1. I make sure all my AIR apps have an auto-update feature but I haven’t implemented the customUpdateUI feature yet but I totally will soon.Here’s my AIR app: